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CoD4 Multiplayer |

This one’s for all my friends that read this blog that also like Call of Duty.

CoD4 Multiplayer in HD

  • Nathaniel Harvatt

    Can i just say how nice it is to see a video of a game running on PS3 rather then XBOX360. A lot of sites pass XBOX360 footage of as PS3 or even Wii!!, if im getting a game i like to see the footage i will actually be seeing on my TV.


  • derrickgott007

    Sorry Nathaniel, but that is XBOX 360 footage….the BLUE button on screen proves it. Once again some lazy ass devs that think its easier to develop on 360 and then port to the PS3. If they only knew its been proven EASIER to develop on PS3 and then port to 360.

    Wonder what features we are going to lose this time due to the porting from 360. Voice Chat?

    No Voice Chat = No Buy.


  • derrick, while I agree with your sentiments it’s a bit too early to call them out for developing poorly on the PS3. Sure we can point to Call of Duty 3 as a disappointment and if this follows suit, I too will be writing them off for future titles.

  • Nathaniel Harvatt

    DOH! Thought it was the X button not that dam A button from the 360!

  • MetalProxy

    Wow, I havent seen this video yet. Iam actually a little excited about the game now. Thanks man!