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Ninja Gaiden Sigma to have DLC |

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a definite buy for me when it’s released in the UK early next month (supposedly), so I’m intrigued to know more about the DLC that will eventually be made available for NGS. The revelation came in a Q&A session on the official PLAYSTATION US Forums:

Q: Do you guys plan to take advantage of PSN and add downloadable content similar to what you did with the Hurricane Packs?
A: We’ll be making an announcement regarding our plans for downloadable content soon. The content will have some amazing depth for a download!

I hope it’s free! Probably won’t be though. 🙁 It will be interesting to see just what the DLC contains.

There are some other mildly interesting bits of info, such as ideas for Home trophies in future Team Ninja games (came too late to feature in NGS), first play through of NGS should take around 20hrs to complete and no denial or confirmation about Dead or Alive coming to the PS3. Personally I’d prefer the proper Ninja Gaiden sequel over DoA but I think that may be a 360 exclusive.

Q&A with Development Director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Yosuke Hayashi

  • I don’t know why, but Ninja Gaiden Sigma was met with a pretty tepid response in japan. Sold enough to make the top ten, no bump in hardware, its barely making a blip. Maybe its a game that has people more interested in western markets than in japan.

  • derrickgott007

    Since when did lame outfits count as amazingly deep downloadable content?? I bet you thats what we get….lame japanese themed costumes…let’s see, there will be the school girl one, then there will be a obscure japanese actor one, maybe a few anime ones….

    They better come out swinging to make that statement.

  • Sales weren’t great but at least it got to no.3 temporarily breaking the crazy Nintendo love fest that is currently going on in Japan.

  • Sporty

    They had the hurricane packs on Xbox so I doubt it will be something simple like customs.
    After that statement about amazing depth they almost have to add to the story with DLC now.