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Firmware 1.82 Coming |

Sony’s new official blog is great. We get decent information in advance for a change. Like this:

Scheduled for release in the next few days, firmware 1.82 is an update that enables the playback of AVC High Profile H.264/MPEG-4 files. As most of you know, these are high quality files that you’ll now be able to play on your PS3. Hopefully this update is moving us closer to the audio playback features many of you commented about in my post the other week.

Hopefully this means that all these experiments I’ve been doing to get nice videos on my PS3 will finally bear fruit.

The only problem is, I don’t know what “AVC High Profile H.264/MPEG-4” is. I thought that’s what the PS3 already supported. Anyone care to enlighten me? And does it mean that I’ll be able to create mp4 files with 5.1 surround that the PS3 understands?

PlayStation.Blog » Firmware 1.82 Coming Soon…

  • Bob

    Good, I thought I was the only one confused by this.. I thought it already supported AVC as well.. maybe the H.264 is a specific variation of the regular AVC encoding..
    I guess we’ll find out soon enough..

  • Sporty

    It supports main profile H.264 files now from XMB. High profile isn’t the same. I don’t know jack enough about this right now to explain but at least it’s a step forward in codec support.

    And the hint about 5.1 audio support in files is kinda sweet. Shows they are open to adding more file type support. I just wish they would add DivX and Xvid. My old crappy DVD player can do those but DVDs looks a lot better on my PS3. Would be nice to use any disk with media files on it and just watch. Then I can chuck my old player

  • 60hz
  • ehandlr

    I’m not sure of the difference…but I believe this to be the problem I’ve been having lately. Using PS3 9, you can really crank out some quality in some things. Increasing files sizes to 2-3 gigs easily. I know everytime I try to change Bleach over and put it at least 480p, I get unsupported file everytime. When I use xvid4psp that Segitz told me about and just do a simple conversion, the video works great.

  • Sporty

    Thanks 60hz, I always forget Wiki at times like these.

    One thing I don’t get is why the PS3 file codec support isn’t the same as the BD codecs. At least they are trying to bring them up to speed.

    After this update we’ll probably have to get updated xvid4psp and other converters to support the new high profile. But with High we should get better HD results on the conversion. Be nice to just get the codecs to avoid conversion all together though.

  • I dont know why they just dont go ahead and support some of the other common none license file types, like AVI’s. Heck they even support microsofts WMA format in music, so why not the common WMV format in video? It doesnt seem like it would be such a coding hassle to do, since friggen media player classic with a tiny codec pack seems to play everything under the sun (even quicktime and realplayer formats) and clocks in at only a few megabytes.

    I love the PS3 and PSP as video players, but if they ever want me to truly adopt them as my end all be all for personal media, support more file types. I understand the reasoning for not supporting divx, since lets be honest, its the codec of choice for torrent sites. But that is not the rationale that can be applied to a common filetype like avi.

  • could this be in preperation for their movie store. This codec is used a lot in downloads. What I’d really like to see is the iTunes music store come to Playstation. That would make the PS3 a real great media center.

  • Darrin

    I would *love* to be able to get 5.1 music. How would you be able to do this?

    Regular CDs and digital music stores are stereo-only. SACD’s support 5.1 mixes, but they are heavily DRM oriented and are designed to prohibit ripping tracks.

  • Ooops. by mp4 files I meant MPEG4 encoded video files. My bad.

    But just so you know, there ARE other sources of multichannel music. You already mentioned SACD. Some DVD’s have multichannel music, both in the form of videos/concerts and also just straight-up music. (Like Weird Al’s latest album.) Then there’s DVD-Audio of course. But and even earlier source of multichannel music is CD’s encoded with DTS. Yup, they exist, but are rare.


    This is the one thing I am really disapointed with the PS3. I should be able to use any encoding software to re encode my DVD collection in AVC H.264 format I tied to use nero which comes with a re encode app that will re encode .VOB files instead of having to buy all these other third party apps convert them to .avi just to get a movie file to work. I tried PS3 9 and it did not work all the time either but since it is freeware it will do. I have not herd of xvid4psp so I guess I will give it a shot.

  • ehandlr

    The files that PS3 9 did not convert for me.. xvid4psp did. So I use both now depending on what I want.

  • oh yea… I got a 11g mpeg file

  • ehandlr

    I’m gonna see if the ps3 will read my upconverted files now. I’m going to make a high quality 480p format and see what happens.