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New Poll: Which ’07 PS3 Exclusive? |

PSU has a comparison chart showing the exclusive titles coming out for the 360, Wii, and PS3. It made me think two things:

1. I’m glad I have a PS3. Most of the exclusives (with a few rare exceptions) on other platforms don’t interest me as much as the PS3 exclusives. Which is why I bought a PS3 – it has the kind of games I like. For others, their choices are different.

2. I got to thinking about which exclusive I want the most. I am really quite interested in PS3 Killzone, but there just isn’t enough information out there yet to warrant a vote for that game, plus it’s probably not going to be a 2007 title. So I have to choose something in 2007. I think I’d have to go for Warhawk. I’m in the beta, and I know it’s a blast to play. I just wish my friend and I wouldn’t constantly get kicked out of games (right at the start) for playing splitscreen.

So take a look in the sidebar and choose your most anticipated 2007 PS3 exclusive game.

Previous poll results:

What do you think of firmware 1.8?

* Awesome: 67% (225)
* Okay: 27% (92)
* Crap: 6% (19)

Total Votes : 336

  • ehandlr

    My most anticipated game of ’07 is Eternal Sonata on the 360..but I prefer the PS3 line up over the rest overall. Haze is my most anticipated PS3 title this year.

  • Why isn’t MGS 4 in that poll?

  • Nevermind

  • Sporty

    I’m still undecided on which I’m looking forward to the most.

    Haze looks nice, but I’m sick of FPS on a controller for now.

  • Jimmy Stewart

    First thing I found out after reading the article, I’m happy I own all three systems. It’s really hard to imagine anyone being happy they own one console when there are so many great games coming for everyone.

    Weird to see someone say they aren’t interested in Halo but their most anticipated title is the sequel to what was famously and erroniously dubbed a “Halo Killer”. Kinda like I’d imagine 360 owners saying, who’s interested in Final Fantasy… I want to get the game for my system that’s made by the Final Fantasy creator. I guess you take what you can get eh? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll pick up KillZone but it won’t compete at all with my desire for a game like Halo.

    My personal fav at the moment is Blue Dragon (which is 360)… it’s really the only game period I’m that excited about in the future. If there’s a game I’d probably buy on the PS3 this year… it would probably be Heavenly Sword at the moment. Truth be told my PS3 is really used more as a Blu-Ray player while I wait for God of War or Kingdom Hearts to come around again.

  • Matt

    BioShock on 360 is one of the most anticipated games I have had in a few years. Mass Effect is another game I cannot wait for. Halo 3, GTA 4, and a couple more games released this year hold back my PS3 purchase. The one great thing is that when I do pick up the PS3 There will be a bunch of games I am interested in.

    This is going to be an expensive Holiday no matter what system you play on.

  • The question asks what is your most anticipated PS3 game, so I have no idea why people are mentioning 360 games. 😕

    Jimmy Stewart, I’m more than happy just owning a PS3. I haven’t the time or money to devote to more than one console and the PS3 suits my needs perfectly.

    As for which PS3 exclusive I’m most looking forward to, it has to be Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

    The 3 main games on PS2 were fantastic fun and massively underrated for me, so I’m watering at the mouth thinking about R&C on PS3.

    Drakes Fortune and Heavenly Sword pushed R&C very close though.

  • I think its troubling to microsofts aims at expanding the market that 3/4 of all of the higher profile better games are shooters. They still suffer from the lack of variety issue that they struggled with on the XBOX. Sony has always had a broader base of games that didnt concentrate heavily on a single area.

    For me, it’s a toss up between Heavenly Sword and Uncharted, both games look fun, and as for Uncharted, its from a consistantly good developer so i have no worries about the quality of the gameplay.