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New Lair Videos |

There are 9 in total. Click Here to view the rest and download them, it’s near the bottom of the page.

  • Wow! That looks great. Looks like there’s going to be some epic battles against some mythical creatures! 😀

  • It looks great, but to me it doesn’t look fun. Remember Dragonriders or Pern? 🙂

    And why is everything brown? Might as well make the game in black and white…

  • Never heard of Dragonriders or Pern. :p

    What’s not fun about slaughtering mythical creatures and swooping down and picking up some 5 ton beast then flinging it into the sea! 😀

    I’ll still wait until it’s been reviewed though.

  • John

    Gotta agree with Henning: the colors look kinda gray/brown and not very pleasing. Also, but that may only be the video recording, the camera controls doesn’t look very smooth to me, it’s kinda jumpy and it’s hard to follow the action.
    Only dragon game that was fun in my book was Drakan, that was a long time ago…

  • Ooops. “Dragonriders of Pern”.

  • Dependig on how many mission there are and if they say there is going to be any downloadable content. those will be the deciding factors. Hopefully there will be an in-store demo, that for me will be the clincher Right now it looks like a definite maybe. The colour thing doesn’t faze me yet since these seem to be rather herky jerky over compressed movies

  • Have you guys ever seen a LOTR movie, everythings brown. Why would any military paint their buildings and dye their clothes wild colors. Heck, no one seems to complain that gears is a grayfest. When I think dirty dark ages warfare, I think brown, lack of color.

    Its one of those games that will require a demo before I get it. Just to know how well the different mechanics work.

  • James

    i gotta agree with bobeotm. the color of the environment adds to the overall feel of the game, and mythical dragon battles in a dark age-esque setting just screams a darker, less vibrant color palette. i feel the colors they are using are good for the overall setting. as for the videos, the second one psoted was bad-a. I cant wait for a demo, that’s for sure