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Rainbow Six: Vegas – Review + Video |

After several delays, Rainbow Six: Vegas has finally made it to the PS3. To make you feel a little better about having to wait, you should know that the PS3 version includes two map packs that cost extra elsewhere.

Tosh picked up this game yesterday, so I hope he’ll be giving his impressions. But if you’re looking for a review, IGN finally has theirs up, and they give the game an 8.7 out of 10. The big question on your mind, as it was on mine, is probably about how it fares next to the 360 version. Well, I don’t have good news there. Supposedly the controls aren’t as tight as the 360 version. And the visuals aren’t really up to snuff either. Ah well. Maybe in GRAW2?

For more, read the full review:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas

And here’s the video I promised, about Rainbow Six: Vegas multiplayer for the PS3.

  • Darrin

    I doubt it’s much different than the 360 version. The IGN guys used a bunch of superlatives when reviewing F.E.A.R for the PS3. I played both PS3 and PC versions of F.E.A.R and I expected some extreme differences based on the IGN review, but I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. I believe them that PC and 360 versions are slightly better in a variety of ways, but most regular people won’t notice a difference.

    I am still disappointed in that I expected the PS3 to have better versions of cross platform games, but if you only have a PS3 and want this game I wouldn’t hesitate.

  • I’m no longer going to buy RSV. Not because of any of the supposed graphical or control flaws but because of the problems with online play.

    I can’t believe there’s no lobby! It’s a big part of Resistance online for me, as you can chat away to your friends while you look at the end of game stats, while you wait to join a new game or just generally chat amongst yourselves. Pretty shocking omission.

    The other online features don’t sound to promising either, after reading posts on various forums from people who have this game on PS3.

    I’m pretty gutted as I was really looking forward to RSV aswell. 🙁

  • liars

    Check and make sure it’s playing at 720p and not 1080i on you T.V. I’ve heard there is a difference but haven’t picked it up yet to confirm.

  • MetalProxy

    I was going to buy the game but will wait till its cheap. To be honest I wasnt impressed with any of the footage I have seen 4 both 360 and PS3 versions. Where are the High Rez textures? Call of Duty 4 actually looks way better. I dont get it, isnt interlased for moving images and progresive is for still images. Arent images moving? My TV does both and I cant make up my mind which one is better.

  • 720p > 1080i for moving images
    1080i > 720p for still images

  • Resistance online > RSV online.


  • whoa… I can’t get down the block with this game !