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What’s in the Resistance Update? DOWNLOAD NOW! |

UPDATE: I’ve just tried Resistance online and it asked me to download the update! I will let you know if Map Pack 1 is available once it’s downloaded. It took just over 12mins for the download to complete.

I’m now downloading Map Pack 1 (312 MB) which cost me £2.99.

I’ve posted my initial thoughts in the comments section of this post.

So we know we will be able to buy Map Pack 1 once the servers are back up again, but what else will be in the big resistance update? Check this out which was posted in the MyResistance.Net forums. I would provide a link but you need to be a member to actually view the forum post:

Full notes follow:

  • Resistance: Fall of Man Map Pack 1 now available for download! This map pack contains both Westmorland, England and Camborne, England. Both are additional multiplayer maps designed to be played with Resistance: Fall of Man. Westmorland features snowy hills and Chimeran architecture. Great for snipers! Camborne features both above ground and underground fighting introducing a new twist on team battles. Both maps support all Resistance multiplayer game types. You must own Resistance: Fall of Man to play either map. To make purchasing and downloading the map pack quick and easy, there is now a “Purchase” button on the main online menu. Going to the “Purchase” menu will allow you to select, purchase, and download the map pack from within Resistance
  • Worldwide Servers! Now you can play with your friends anywhere in the world since all Resistance servers are now connected to allow for worldwide play. There is a new option in the “Multiplayer Options” menu called “Worldwide Player”. Setting this to “Worldwide” will allow you to play games against other players all over the world. Setting it to your local region (North America, Europe, etc) will restrict your games to only allow other players from your region to join, and will guarantee that any players you are matched against when playing ranked games are from the same region as you. If you create a party, your party will use the Worldwide Play setting from your multiplayer options (ie, if you are set to “North America”, only north American players will be allowed to join your party, but if you are set to “Worldwide”, anyone can join). Players who are set to “Worldwide” may still join games created by players who are set to their local region only as long as both players are from the same region.
  • The XMB Friends list is now accessible from the R:FoM Lobby. To access it, go to “Community” and select “Friends”.
  • The “Map Vote” option has changed. There are now three settings: “No”, “Free Maps Only”, and “All Maps (Map Pack Required)”. Setting “Map Vote” to “No” will allow anyone to join who has the map that the game is being played on, setting it to “Free Maps Only” (not available if you begin the game on a map from the Map Pack) will allow players to vote for any of the free maps and allow anyone to join the game, and “All Maps (Map Pack Required)” will allow players to vote for any maps, including map pack maps, but will require anyone attempting to join the game to have the map pack. “Map Vote” will default to “Free Maps Only” for any of the free maps and “All Maps (Map Pack Required)” for any of the map pack maps.
  • There is a new filter on the “Find Games” screen for custom games: “Map Packs”. It has two settings, “Free Maps Only” and “All Maps”. “Free Maps Only” will show only games that do not require the map pack, and “All Maps” will show all games.
  • The “MUTE” menu from the in-game start menu is now the “MUTE/REPORT” menu. Selecting a player from this menu will allow you to select either “Mute”, to mute all voice chat from that player, or “Report for abuse”, which will notify an in-game moderator that the player is being abusive by cheating, glitching, or otherwise violating the EULA. In-game moderators will then be alerted, and may observe the player to verify that he/she is being abusive. We reserve the right to kick players we have observed being abusive out of the game and/or ban them from playing Resistance: Fall of Man, as per our anti-abuse policy outlined in the forums on
  • Voice chat from other players will now play through your television speakers by default unless you have a headset plugged in. There is a new option in the “Multiplayer Options” menu from the lobby called “Mute Voice Chat”. Setting this to on will start all players muted when you join a game. Players may then be selectively unmuted from the “MUTE/REPORT” menu if you so choose. The “Mute Voice Chat” option only has an effect if you do not have a headset plugged in.
  • Repeatedly failing to finish ranked games (either by quitting or disconnecting) will now incur a time penalty wherein you will not be allowed to join another ranked game immediately after failing to finish one. The time penalty begins at 0 minutes, and will build up to a maximum of 15 minutes if you fail to finish a high percentage (30%+) of your ranked games.
  • Clan leaders now have the option to transfer clan leadership to another player from the clan menu
  • Human player models will lip sync with incoming voice chat from that player
  • If you have a USB keyboard attached to your PS3, holding down the buttons “1” through “0” will change your characters’ facial expression (human models only)
  • Ranked games that become too unbalanced in the staging screen will be canceled by the server rather than launching with unbalanced teams
  • In the lobby, L3 is now always the push-to-talk button so that remapping the push-to-talk button does not prevent you from being able to chat in the staging, party, or results screens.
  • Player names drawn over friendly players will no longer be blocked by low cover to make it easier to distinguish friendlies from enemies.
  • Players may now switch the virtual keyboard over to the full QWERTY style keyboard rather than the standard virtual keyboard if they so choose
  • The staging screen in a deathmatch game now has a header to show you what race everyone will be when the game starts. Additionally, the loading screen will now also reflect what race you will spawn as.
  • For Chimera vs Chimera team games, the skins used by each team have been changed to be more distinct
  • For games with limited lives (such as conversion), the “QUIT” option on the in-game start menu will change to say “LEAVE” after you have been eliminated to indicate to you that you will not receive a Quit on your stats for leaving after being eliminated.
  • Fixed an issue where you would hear splashing sounds on levels without water
  • Fixed a problem that caused bullseye tags to sometimes remain active after the player they were attached to has died
  • Fixed a number of potential collision exploits
  • Fixed a problem that caused the rocket launcher reticule crosshairs to disappear when meleeing while a rocket is being held stationary.
  • The per-team “Time Alive” column for team conversion now displays the correct stat rather than the total team score.
  • Gametype Changes

  • Assault and Breach mode games have had the number of players required to create them lowered in Team Objective games, and the likelihood of these modes has also been increased.
  • Chimera vs Chimera Team Deathmatch has been removed from the Team Deathmatch gametype.
  • Conversion in the Free For All gametype has been changed so that players will have 5 human lives and 1 Chimeran life instead of 1 human life and 1 Chimeran life.

How awesome is that!! 😀

Some great stuff in there, such as XMB Friends list added to the game, quitters being punished (although I believe the punishment should be harsher for serial quitters), human lip sync ( 😆 ), improved visibility of your team mates names, removal of that annoying splashing sound and allowing players to leave Conversion once they have been eliminated. It’s just a shame they haven’t completely removed the LAARK. 😡

  • freedesign420

    wow. wait, human lip sync…? get the funk outta here! superBad update!

  • Wow, what a update! I love the human lip sync. And the facial expression on the humans. Fun stuff. And just in time for the weekend 🙂

  • I’ve tried out Westmorland 40p and it’s huge!

    It’s a sniper’s paradise and for people who are afraid of heights (me), don’t look down! You can clearly see from one end of the map to the other and the howling wind and crunching ice under your feet adds a lot to the atmosphere of the level, although both will soon take second billing to gunfire.

    I can see some comedy moments when you’re in a mad gun battle when you or your opponent suddenly falls of the cliff at just the right/wrong moment! 😆

  • Pc

    Sounds like an awesome update !!! Insomniac kicks ass 🙂 I’ll be playing me some more Resistance again.

  • Crazyglues

    expect a lot of hits on this story, I just posted it up.

    So far for me the update is a bust, it killed my online…. seems like they still got some fixing need to be done.

  • PheelUPONya

    Great if only they’d re-balance the weapons and such. I love you Ted Price 🙂

  • MetalProxy

    WOW sweet update or upgrade!?…Its On like Donkey Kong!

  • G-M

    Anyone knows if my japanese version of resistance will work if i download the us version’s map packs from the us PSN online store?

  • I have no idea. Are they not available for you to buy via the game?

  • Camborne is going to be a crazy level. It’s actually two maps, with an upper rainy level and a lower level containing tunnels linking to different rooms. The level is absolutely huge and any game modes that use both levels at their maximum size (40p) will be chaotic.

    The lower levels definitely favour the Chimera + Shotgun combo 🙄 while the uper levels has some good sniping points.

    You can also enter and leave the lower levels at various points on the map.

    I’m going to be trying out the worldwide servers with my clan mates shortly.

    It’s also noticeable that my character sheet has the EU flag next to the image of my soldier.

  • derrickgott007

    People, please start using the REPORT function…I played a few games this morning and noticed a few people WARPING around…it wasnt lag, it was switches….So I used the REPORT function….

    Thats what its there for…

  • busby

    I have a japo system a us version of resistance and bought the m,aps from the uk store and they work so you sholdnt have a problem G-M

  • busby

    I have a jap system a us version of resistance and bought the maps from the uk store and they work so you shouldn’t have a problem G-M

  • busby

    damm multiple posts and my first is full of typos sorry folks 🙂

  • G-M

    hey thanx dude
    yea its cool that i got to do it online through the game menu too… ensures it works with my game
    cya guyz online!

  • What do you mean switches? I haven’t played online much but I’ve seen that happen. i assumed it was lag so I gave up on it. Is it a type of cheating/mod?

  • Seems like a pretty hefty update, a long time coming.

  • derrickgott007

    Switches are lag switches that people make to induce lag…Its a cut in their eithernet cable with a light switch on it…

  • John

    Switches abuse the “zeroping” tricks the devs used in RFoM: to reduce perceived lag, part of the hit resolution happens client-side.
    When you switch, other people’s aren’t received by your console, and other consoles don’t receive your position, this means that you can:
    – move around without being seen by others (warp)
    – shoot people more easily (they’ll be moving in a straight line or standing still, as your console doesn’t receive their actions)
    Then switch back on, the console resynchronizes, people die, and you appear at your warp destination for the other consoles. You just have to keep your switches short enough for them to look like normal lag. For pop and gun encounters, a good switcher has a guaranteed win.

    It all boils down to the tricks used by the devs to hide lag, which are easily exploited. There was much debate on these tricks a few years ago when someone proposed a zeroping mod for Unreal Tournament. The exploits above where well discussed back then, it’s kinda sad to see that zeroping tricks were used on an AAA title…

  • Miltos

    I live in Greece and The Map Pack 1 is NOT available to buy here. I am sure it’s also unavailable in several European countries that have no access to the PSN Store.

    Insomniac should have found a way to make the Map Pack available to all Resistance FoM owners.

    Thank you Sony and Insomniac for making me feel cheated…