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CoD4 – New Content and Customization Interview HD

For all you Call of Duty fans out there, Gary found this excellent video for us to enjoy.

Call of Duty 4 – New Content and Customization Interview HD


New Lair Videos

There are 9 in total. Click Here to view the rest and download them, it’s near the bottom of the page.


Rainbow Six: Vegas PS3 Exclusive Map

I’ll be getting Rainbow Six: Vegas for the PS3 when it’s finally released on Friday, so here is a little teaser video of the PS3 exclusive map “Wartorn”:

Looks pretty cool and I think my clan mates and I will have a lot of fun online with this.

Anybody else picking up RSV for the PS3?

RSV PS3 Exclusive Multiplayer Map In Action

EDIT: gave it an 8.5. Reviews Rainbow Six: Vegas


Firmware 1.82 Coming

Sony’s new official blog is great. We get decent information in advance for a change. Like this:

Scheduled for release in the next few days, firmware 1.82 is an update that enables the playback of AVC High Profile H.264/MPEG-4 files. As most of you know, these are high quality files that you’ll now be able to play on your PS3. Hopefully this update is moving us closer to the audio playback features many of you commented about in my post the other week.

Hopefully this means that all these experiments I’ve been doing to get nice videos on my PS3 will finally bear fruit.

The only problem is, I don’t know what “AVC High Profile H.264/MPEG-4” is. I thought that’s what the PS3 already supported. Anyone care to enlighten me? And does it mean that I’ll be able to create mp4 files with 5.1 surround that the PS3 understands?

PlayStation.Blog » Firmware 1.82 Coming Soon…


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