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Sony PS3 Failure Rate Less Than 1% |

That’s one thing that I really like about the PLAYSTATION 3, it’s a quality built, dependable machine. I’ve never had a issue with mine. When [email protected] came out I ran the PS3 for 2 1/2 weeks straight and it never got any hotter. That’s pretty amazing I think.

“Failure rates for all other consoles were not high enough for EB to consider revising their policies. Most other console systems have a failure rate of less than one percent, including the PlayStation 3.”

A Best Buy associate who chose to remain anonymous claimed that the failure rate of the Microsoft Xbox 360 was in the ballpark of “between a quarter to a third” of the systems sold.

Failure Rate: Xbox 360 High As 33% – Sony PS3 & Nintendo Wii Less Than 1%

  • TestPS

    There’s a serious flaw with the x360 GPU design layout with regards to heat disappating. Other than that… I will still get it.

    Let’s talk about how crappy the soon to be release Football game that says PS3 will only get 30fps, while the x360 gets 60fps. Yeah, the xbox version of armored core has also higher fps than ps3.

  • Pc

    lol…TestPS, this post is about failure rate !! Resistance, which is a launch title for the PS3 has soo many things going on with it that no other system can handle…A LAUNCH TITLE !! YES It may not look as good as that “buggy” game called Gears of War, but it’s a lot more fun to play. Just wait for the blockbuster exclusive titles to come out for PS3, then come back and try to talk a little trash.
    One last thing…if that football game is only running at 30fps on PS3 and 60 on 360, it’s prolly cuz the people programming the game don’t know how to use 8 cores !! more thing….the GPU problem WITH THE 360 is about as big of a problem as you could possibly have and makes the system the worst ever made !!

  • Sporty

    Gotta love spin from haters.

    This article was about failure rates. While most people that constantly spit out PS3 hate complain about the price they are more then willing to buy a console that has a life expectancy of 6 months and that is already half way through it’s generational life.

    In the end you get what you pay for. Ironicly on average you pay more keeping a 360 running over it’s lifetime then with a PS3, yet price is the number one complaint on Ps3. Not to mention 360 only has 2 more holiday seasons before it’s next gen comes out. I just hope people haven’t gotten dumber since Sega tried this and lost consumer faith before the dreamcast.

    At least on a worldwide scales PS3 isn’t falling behind 360 in install base. Kinda helps that MS can’t find many people outside the US to fall for it’s spin. Explains why not a single non MS funded analyst will say PS3 will come in last.

    Talking about third party games performance doesn’t mean jack in the overall. Helps 14 year olds talk trash and sound like they know something, but anyone over that age knows better for the most part. It comes down to developer politics and funds. Not machine limitations.

    Sounds like you don’t own either console, yet you seem to think you know enough about them to troll one and be an apologist for another.

  • chrysostom

    I am also impressed by Sony’s built quality and software quality. My Wii has hung on me a couple of times already and so far PS3 hasn’t failed me.

  • The alarming thing is Microsoft’s failure to admit that there is a problem with faulty 360s.

  • Not surprising, though. What are they gonna say? “Yup, we build crap. And we want you to buy it!”

  • Pc

    Microsoft builds “craptacular” crap indeed !! 🙂

  • I’d rather a company came clean if there was a known and common fault with one of their products rather than stick their fingers in their ears and go “lalalalalalalalalalalalala!” while hoping nobody decides to sue.

  • Sporty

    The scary part of this report is that it only take into account the people that returned their systems to the stores they bought them at. So one in 3 systems sold were defective. Not counting the ones sent back to MS directly. Makes you wonder how large 360s base really is, out of the 10 million how many are repeat owners.

    Luckily my 360 hasn’t crapped out on me. But when it does I don’t plan on replacing it. It’s out of warranty so I’ll be screwed.

    PS2’s DREs made a lot of fuss but they never were this widespread. And Sony did get a class action for that.

  • I love what a sony PR rep said responding to someones question as to why they dont boast about the PS3’s build quality, “What kind of message to our consumers would that send? Buy us, because our systems dont break? We would rather be more positive than that.”

  • Sporty

    That was a great response. If I remember correctly that was N’Gai interview.

    But I think they can do it and still be positive. Just as car manufactures brag. PS3 has gotten best product awards from most AV enthusiasts sites. Would help if they did an IPhone type commercial where they explain everything it does. Most people don’t realize that PS3 can replace thousands of dollars in AV equipment. Doesn’t help when most of the negative posts are inaccurate and MS rewards anti-Sony articles.

  • liar

    1. The 360 is more expensive if you want on-line. Much more expensive if you actually want controllers with a re-charger, wi-fi, HDMI, HDD, HD video. Some warranties are on the unit not time based so you keep paying everytime it fails. Which seems to be often. Making it even more expensive not to mention a PITA and a blackhole in your time spent.

    2. I predict 80% of 360’s will fail within 2 years given what I have seen/heard from people in my personal sphere and the number of multiple failures being reported by reliable sources. Much sooner for many. It looks like a design flaw which would mean everyones’ system will be affected. Likely the more you play the more likely it is to happen from overheating wear and tear. Meanwhile you can leave you PS3 running [email protected] (~100% cpu) 24/7 for months without worry. The way a CONSUMER product should work. So funny to remember how MS fanbots were crowing and spreading FUD about the reliability of the 360’s proven (last gen) technology vs all that new and unproven/unreliable (next gen) technology in the PS3. Isn’t it? Do any of them have the integrity to own up to it now? Doubt it.

    3. With what is apparently a large failure rate of the 360’s a recall is likely – MS is probably trying to dance as fast as they can to avoid it. I would expect the EU to act first and the U.S to drag their feet. If it happens you will also likely see investigations as to why failure rate information was withheld from shareholders – if it turns out to be much higher than the industry standard – since it could directly affect the holdings and investments of shareholders both in the past and in the future. I believe that’s why the MS execs are avoiding giving a direct answer to the failure rate. They potentially lose either way. If it really is that high the market destroys them as people avoid the 360 like the plague – if they claim it is lower and it’s not – the SEC indicts any execs who say that for misleading shareholders. Saying nothing or focusing on how fast they are fixing them is the safest choice at this point – if the failure rate is as high as being reported. If it’s not that high then they can just state what it is and clear it all up. Right? Why not do that? See above for possible explanations.

    4. The used 360 market is already eating into future sales and will continue to accelerate as more and more dump their consoles before they fail. The word is getting out and once it hits the mainstream media it ain’t going to be pretty..speaking of the mainstream media. Where are they? Especially in the U.S.? They are conspicuous by their absence on this issue.

    5. Given there have been none of the BIG titles released yet and the perception the PS3 is more expensive it’s kind of scary if your MS…since Sony not MS controls those factors.

    6. Does anybody buy EA DEVELOPED (not published) games anymore? EA continues to lose money by focusing on marketing vs product quality and it’s beginning to catch up to them. We are now 2K7 and Sony based sports products given the higher quality game play and value for money. 60FPS vs 30FPS only confirms EA’s lazy attitude – good thing Sony invested in 1st party sports franchises like MLB the Show. Lucky I guess. Madden is to EA what Office is to MS. It accounts for a disproportionate amount of their profits. Once that cash cow stops they are in big trouble. Given how much 2008 looks like 2007 that day maybe coming sooner rather than later. 2K7 also needs to step up for their next round of games as well or the current ones will be enough for us. Sports games in particular are the most vulnerable segment to upgrade fatigue IMO.

  • Nice points Liar.

    If the failure rate of 360s is 33% ( give or take) and they’ve sold 10 million then that means there are 3.3 million 360s that are broken or have broken. If my math is good, there’s nomore than 8 mil working 360 out there.

  • James

    my 360 is dead and has been since last month because I dont have $160 to have it repaired. Microsoft either today or yesterday announced an extended warranty for the three red lights of doom (which I have) to three years and are going to refund the money others spent on the repairs for the same problem. I lucked out there, refunds take 10-12 weeks, but at least MS cares a little bit (admitted to numerous manufacturing problems). Someone I know aleady went through about 5 360s and numerous Elites came back to stores defective (I know because I work in electronics retail) whereas I havent seen but a fraction of the PS3s come back (and most weren’t defective, they didnt want them because of lack of software). My PS3 still works great, didnt even have any problems with graphic-rich games like the Darkness (definitely one of the best looking right now). If the PS3s failure rate is below 1%, I will definitely have to say the 360s is at least 2. Only thing is, problems dont necessarily arrise until later, like GH2s

  • James

    used PS3, ran out of room. anyway, tons of people who bought Guitar Hero 2 on 360 had the same problem as me. We didn’t know that the 360 was defective until the game came out and had its whammy bar update, then loads of 360s went kaput. It wasnt Red Octane’s fault, though, as its obviously a manufacturing defect. A similar problem happened to some who got Gears of War, but on a much lesser scale. Come to think of it, the 360 failure rate would actually have to be about 5%. And that could rise later in the future if there are defective systems out there that the user doesn’t know are defective until such a case happens, especially if the system is only about 6 months to a year old.

  • Sporty

    I’ll be screwed when my 360 dies. But it’s good that MS extended the warranties. Seems 6 months is about the time you hear most systems die. Mine is 9 months old but voided warranty. I bought my 360 for Gears of war but didn’t really get into it. Hell my gamerscore is a pathetic 1170. shows how little I play my 360 games.

  • Pc

    My 360 died after 8 months and i took very good care of it and always had a fan blowing the heat away from it (BUT IT STILL DIED) !! I sold that damn thing on ebay after M$ repaired it for free for me because it was a launch system . All i have now is my PS3 and PC, and that’s all i care to own…the best ! BTW….All of my friends who bought a 360, has had theirs break and those that were promised money back for repairs, stilll haven’t gotten their money back and it’s been many months past the time M$ said they would get their money back ! NEVER BUY HARDWARE FROM A SOFTWARE COMPANY !!!