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Warhawk BD Priced at $59.99 | claims that the BD version of Warhawk will retail for $59.99 including a Jabra BT125 Bluetooth headset. The headset in question costs £17.99 from so if the bundle did retail for £35 – £40 then I’m guessing the PSN version of Warhawk will cost around £15 – £20 tops.

There’s also a statement from Sony on GameInformer:

The highly anticipated title Warhawk, a PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive, will be available both as a downloadable title via PLAYSTATION Network and at retail stores as a Blu-ray disc on August 28, 2007. The Blu-ray version will retail at stores for $59.99 and will be bundled with a Jabra Bluetooth headset ($39 value), bonus features and upcoming product trailers. Pricing for the PLAYSTATION Network download of Warhawk has not been announced.

If it is priced more than £15 on the PSN then that’s quite a lot of money for a download title but if the multiplayer is as fun as people are saying it is, it may be worth it. If like me you already own a Bluetooth headset then you may not want or need to buy the BD version of Warhawk. My current headset has a 4hr battery life so if the Jabra does indeed have up to 8hrs talk time, then I may end up get the BD bundle after all.

It’s a pain in the backside having to charge my current headset practically every night and sometimes during actual play.

Warhawk To Retail For $59.99 Including Bluetooth Headset

Sony Satement From GameInformer About Warhawk

  • Sporty

    Warhawk was a blast. I had now interest in it untill I played the beta. But since I don’t have a headset yet I’ll probably pick up the BD version.

    I would probably be a good idea for Sony to do a Warhawk bundle in the fall. Get headsets out to as many people as possible fast and easy to set up.

  • Nathaniel Harvatt

    I will be buying the boxed set, i haven’t got any headset so this is a good deal for me, game and headset for the cost of a normal game.

  • freedesign420

    this game is a blast! it’s exciting, and once your done you can’t help but think of different strategies of taking zones AND getting out of that “family reunion” your girlfriend has been nagging you to go to. (sorry baby) i will definetly buy this game, and look forward to playing each and every one of you. trust me: you won’t be dissapointed!

  • I wasn’t sure about this game until I played the Beta. Now it’s a must have! But honestly I would rather have the Blu-ray but minus the headset, I already have a headset. So I may get the download version if it’s not a huge download.

  • Alot of people are complaining about the blu-ray price, but they dont have anything to complaini about since you can buy the cheaper download if you wanted. I think its a good deal considering how microsoft sold the multiplayer only Shadowrun for 60 dollars with nothing extra. I want the headset so im buying the blu-ray version.

  • Pc

    Sounds like i’ll be buying the blu-ray version since i don’t have a bluetooth headset for my ps3 yet.