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Super Stardust HD is Fun |

Yeah, I had to think long and hard about the title to this post. 🙂 But it’s true!

I was away from Thursday night to Monday, so I couldn’t use my PS3 or blog or anything! What a shame. But Monday evening I downloaded Super Stardust HD for my PS3, and man it took a long time to download. Usually my PSN downloads are pretty quick, but this one took almost an hour (I think…).


Anyway, I started up the game and I have to say it’s quite fun. You don’t die instantly in the first 5 seconds, which is great. I actually scored more than a million points on my first go, though I’ve been having trouble duplicating that feat!

The huge arsteroids are fun to destroy. It really seems to matter how you hit them with your weapons, and they break up differently depending on what you do. It’s a little hard to tell the different asteroid types apart, though.

My favourite weapon is fast becoming the gold melter thingy. It’s not as powerful, it seems, but it’s a lot more fun. One very cool thing about the game is that you keep your powerups even after you die. Wonderful.

I tried the co-op mode with my daughter, but she quickly gave up. I’ll have to try it again later with someone who cares. 🙂

I do wish, however, that game levels would end when you clear the planet. It would be a lot more satisfying, and I never understand why I complete a level.

IGN: Super Stardust Returns to North America

  • Nobody else out there playing this game?

  • Lyndon

    I’ve been messing with this one for the last couple of days- it is great fun.

    I recall people looking for something to have the PS3 beat the XBox 360’s Geometry Wars- this is it.

  • The best part is the online leader board. I like the fact that you can see your friends score. Add me as a freind and you can see my score and rank. I’ve played it more than the Darkness right now. It’s simply more addicting. And it’s Canada Day and July the Forth this week. Most people go on or have holidays right now. I’ll look for you on the leaderboards.

  • Pc

    I play it !!

  • iScythe

    i got it when it came out and its quite fun to play. the co-op is harder to play but more fun because you get extra power when linked together. its good but still i would like to have geometry wars.

  • p3ngu

    It’s addictive and fun! I’m battling against two of my friends on the highscore list. It’s cool that you can see what the other player’s scores are! But I’m nowhere near the 100 mil yet :/

  • francois

    I got the games also and find it very entertaining! I found myself playing over and over just to improves my score, like in the early days of videogames.

  • MetalProxy

    I enjoy the game alot, I keep trying to battle it out with people on my buddy list. There is one guy on my list that doubled my high score 🙁 . Oh well I have been distrated by to many other games and girls.