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Rock Band Embargo Over |

The embargo is over and Rock Band information is coming out of the floodgates. I’m quite looking forward to this game, and I’m hoping that the peripheral cost can be kept down. I told my friends, however, that I’ll be refusing to buy a microphone – I don’t want to hear them singing anything.

I hope that as a cost-saving measure, though, that the SingStar PS3 microphones will work with Rock Band, and ditto for the Guitar Hero PS3 and Guitar Hero PS2 guitars.

First off, IGN gives their impressions of playing Rock Band. To sum up, they like what they see, hear, and play.

Also of note is the below-linked article, which goes into more detail about the modes the game will have.

Rock Band Information Overload

[Edit 1: hmm. The above link doesn’t seem to work right now.]

[Edit 2: C&VG also has a good preview of Rock Band.]

  • Darrin

    This game looks great. The improvements in Guitar Hero 3 look dull in comparison. Will GH3 even be worth getting?

    I still wish they added keyboard/piano support (preferably USB MIDI). Maybe in the sequel.

  • I hope the Rock Band Controllers ork with GH3 because I won’t wanna miss out on playing some of the songs that’ll be in it.

  • Is it just me or was there no new information and no proper screenshots?

  • Actually guitar hero 1 and 2’s controller will work with Rockband, however I dont know if a new rockband controller will work with GH3, or if a new GH3 controller will work with Rockband.