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Sony PS3 Rumble Rumours |

SL33PY sent in some rumours about the PS3’s speculated rumble controller from the PSM France magazine. They certainly sound quite interesting. Here they are:

  • The gyroscopic functions can cohabit with the vibrations. The explanation? The speed to which a player can move the lever is quite lower at the speed of the vibrations.
  • The engine of vibration could be inclu in the lever without having to modify the form of it. There is enough place for the new engine, and this one, concus by Immersion, are lighter for an obstruction equivalent.
  • One indeed has to expect a reduction in the autonomy of Sixaxis. Nevertheless, the new engine of vibration does not consume more than the old models (Dualshock) in spite of the fact that it is more powerful.
  • The new engine is less expensive to build, and a possible rise in price of the pad should be only very light.
  • With an update of the firmware, we will be able to have the vibrations
    for plays PS2

What about TouchSense?

New technology, named “Touchsense” is a mini-revolution. Indeed, from now on, the vibrations will not emanate solely any more from the handles of the pad (as on Dualshock) but will be perceptible in various places of the lever. It as should be specified as they will be more powerful, more intense and over short periods if the programmers wish it. Thus, the developers will be able to create a multitude of still new effects. If Sony chooses this technology, it will thus not act of a simple return of the vibrations, but well of a very new technology

  • This technology will be able to reproduce the fast jolt and forces caused by a shot,
  • Immersion promises that one will be able to feel the asperities of the road in the plays of race (like Dirt), but also small shocks related on the shiftings of speed and even to accelerations or decelerations.

So what do you guys think? Is it all speculation? Is there any truth to it? Hopefully we’ll find out at E3.

PSM france reveals new info on PS3 SIXAXIS rumble

  • You gotta love translations for a quick engrish laugh. But anyway… I really hope sony uses touchsense instead of simply returning rumble, that way they can stick by their previous statements as existing rumble being “last gen”.

  • busby

    Why don’t Sony add a Mic to the controller if they are updating it? Very small and light to add, there is space between the two analogue sticks plus with the controller already having bluetooth it can’t be to difficult to do.

  • Getting a sense of acceleration through control pad? Really?

  • To add to Bubsy. Sony should bundle a headset with the new Rumble. Putting it in the pad might be too far away. And Some conversations. Especially when I’m giving or taking a beating online might not best be heard through the 7.1 Surround sound.

  • Sporty

    That’s what I was meaning in the Warhawk thread. Bundle a Headset to get as many people up and running fast. Either a warhawk bundle with the headset and new rumble for the holidays or the new eyetoy. Since the PSEye is suppose to have background noise canceling and 4 mics.

    Would help get most 3rd parties to support it if everyone had it.

    But this new rumble sounds pretty sweet. They can save face with calling rumble last gen if they come out with something truly new. With Sony’s settlement they gained access to Immersions portfolio of patents as apposed to just rumble so this is probably what they are going to use. It’s also most likely why MS is pissed about the settlement. Sony got access to a larger array of patents that MS doesn’t have.