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Price Cut Rumors: $499 US. $549 CDN |

This is still just a rumor, but it sounds very likely.

This price cut combined with the five free blu-ray movie offer sounds like a killer combination. And with the recent handful of great PS3 game releases and firmware updates, those sales numbers really should start to move.

So how much of a difference in sales do you really expect? Do you think 360 price cuts are soon to follow? Does anyone suspect that this rumor will turn out to be inaccurate?


  • Its almost confirmed at this point, with scans from circuit city surfacing. I think it will boost sales definitely, however it would be nicer if the drop coincided with a good game. Microsoft if they were really vicious could announce a drop immediately after in order to keep a price gap.

    As it stands with the drop, a PS3 is only 20 bucks more than a 360 elite, AND it comes with blu-ray and built in wifi. Sounds like a good deal. Especially if you factor in only basic costs like Xbox live without the other stuff, and you already put yourself over the ps3. That makes for a nice argument for sony. The only thing is that sony has a smaller harddrive, but since they are easily switchable, there is no issue of waiting for them to release one.

    This makes me glad I’m waiting until august to stop playing my brothers and buy my own. Since i’m going to be trading in my old ps2 system, card, and controllers, my ps3 will only cost me 399.

  • Sporty

    I don’t it’s false. Sony has to give store executives a heads up on moves like this to coincide with the marketing and Circuit City leaked it. They did the same thing with the PSP drop.

    I wouldn’t bet the farm on a MS price drop though. The extended warrenties they just did costs them an extra $1B so they might wait for the weekend before thanksgiving for their price drop. (Also wouldn’t be surprised to see another PS3 drop then with rumble introduced and more BD’s thrown in)

    A little BS rant that is off topic sorta.
    Since most experts think if HD-DVD can’t gain ground by this holiday its over for them, it’s about to get nasty with price wars on players. An estimated 50 million HDTV owners by the end of this year in the US. I think all 3 will go all out to claim this Christmas. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see 360 and PS3 get into a price war this season. If MS drops too soon it will drive prices down too fast to meet their 2008 profit projections. So I think they are in a tough spot.

  • Sporty

    One of Sony’s biggest problems over the years has always been that they are run like several mini-companies. Seems at times the right hand doesn’t talk to the left one. I think that a Sony devision have actually sued another devision once.

    But any company would be retarded to confirm a price drop a week before it happens. It’s basically saying don’t buy our products just now. No comment would have been smarter if it’s true. But we’re 5 days from Sony’s conference, if they were going to cut prices they would have had to told store executives by now to get the marketing in order.

    Doesn’t really effect me either way since I bought my system 8 months ago.

  • ehandlr

    Sounds like Sony is building hype for the price cut. An intentional leak of a price cut while they play oblivious to it is driving the internet in a frenzy. Once it happens, they should see a decent increase in sales.

    Not only that..but you still get 5 free blu-ray movies with the discounted purchase!

  • Sony wasn’t selling that many systems, Under a hundred thousand a month. So the leak won’t really hurt sales all that much. The Blue Ray deal is hot, but they should offer a bundle with Planet Earth at Best Buy instead of the five. Absolutely worth it. Sony just needs to keep putting out games like Stardust. A good game library like that will help them out. As will the price cut.

  • Pc

    Doesn’t matter to me because i already own one, but for those of you out there that don’t already, it’s a very good thing 🙂

  • Cakep2003

    Hey guys, I have a question about the 5 free blu ray discs offer, It says that you have to mail it with the original UPC code located on the outside of the player package, is that mean I have to cut out the UPC code from the box? or Could I just copy the code to another paper so I dont have to cut it out.

    This is the website for this offer