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PSN to have E3 Coverage |

Next week you’ll be able to download E3 content onto your PS3 from the PlayStation Store. Such as the entire SCEA press conference, trailers, videos, and hopefully some demos. Good move on Sony’s part. That’s what the network should be used for. I’ll be using remote play from work next week to check the PlayStation store and start all these downloads 🙂

Sony reveals PSN E3 coverage plans

  • I’m jealous!

  • freedesign420

    …now henning: it’s not a contest! hahaha (does that read as evil?)

  • Pc

    HELL YEAH !!! Exactly what they should use the network for !!

  • I am definitely remote playing all of this stuff, I will be in class when some of it happens, so I will be watching stuff from my brothers PS3 while on the go with my PSP. Gotta love the corporate synergy working to help me tune out during my morning classes.

  • I’m just wishing that I could use my PSP at work for the same purpose. But we use a WiFi security protocol not supported by the PSP. 🙁

  • Great news. It’s what the PS3 should be a dedicated channel about Sony.

  • MetalProxy

    Cool… my Boss will be wondering what the hell Iam doing with my PSP next week. I dont have cable TV so it will be nice to be able keep up with the excitment. The sonystorm is coming…eventually.

  • derrickgott007

    Just imagine if that after showing all the demos that Sony had an anouncment that all the demos are available for download NOW (the day and hour of the anouncement) on the PSN. That would drive sales of the PS3 through the roof!

    We can only hope can’t we? They really need to hire me for PR and Marketing of the PS3.

  • Yeah, it would be awesome if sony announced somethin that was available to try out by the public immediately after the keynote. I think sony has the most to gain for this years e3…

    Microsoft at this years e3 is pretty much all known quantities. Most of the games they are showing are coming out this year, with little in the way of stuff being shown for 08. Very little will come out of their presentation that is totally new, it will mostly just get more on games we know little about. B-

    Nintendo will spend the first half of the keynote patting themselves on the back and talking at length about expanding the market. The keynote will most likely downplay the hardcore in favor of showing more Non Games, a minor exception being a Super smash bros video and something on metroid.

    Sony has the most to gain, with the price drop, rumble returing (whether its tradition or Touchsense rumble remains to be seen), and known aces that are sure to come down the pipe like GT5 Prologue and Wipeout, they have alot of exciting stuff to show. Not only do they have alot of stuff, its covering a broad range of genre’s. If you look at microsoft, its a lot of me too shooters and a few token effort rpgs. Nintendo its the non games, and a trickle of games for the nintendo diehards with very little 3rd party support. Sony could pull out of this being the talk of the show if they show the best of what they have, and what they should know we would be excited by. They have this stuff up their sleeves, its a matter of whether they use the cards.