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Gamer.TV’s Heavenly Sword Special |

Gamer.TV is a TV show dedicated to games, broadcast on the Bravo channel via Satellite or Cable in the UK. They recently did a special report on Heavenly Sword so check it out:

Check out the 4:30 mark in this video:

So Andy Serkis got the job by re-negotiating his mortgage at a bank! Awesome! 😆

I hope this gets great reviews or I’m going to be gutted. It looks like it could be great fun and I guess we will soon see for ourselves when the demo hits the PSN.

  • Crazyglues

    I won’t even bother asking why Grand Turismo 5 is not on the list I mean if you missed Killzone 2, of course you missed the second most anticipated game of all time.

    My only question is do you in some way work for Microsoft. I mean you do actually have a Playstation 3 right? Because for those games to not be on the list is like saying I run a PS3 blog site but I don’t actually know anything about PS3.

    And don’t get me started on why no Little Big Planet, I’ll just pretend that you just opened your PS3 this morning and didn’t want to get it all dirty by plugging it in and looking at the Playstation Store’s coming soon games.

  • The reason why Killzone PS3 wasn’t in the poll, is because Henning doesn’t think it’s going to be out this year.

    Simple as that. The other titles have all been declared as Q3/Q4 titles while Killzone is still TBA.

    The same applies to LBP.

    Gran Turismo 5 is also not out this year. See the pattern?

    Maybe I should question your knowledge of the PS3 and the games available for it. So don’t attack us and make stupid remarks when you don’t know the facts.

  • Pc

    Can we say “BLOCKBUSTER” !!!! Heavenly Sword just might end up being one of those all time greats when it’s all said and done !! I’m so glad i own a PS3 🙂

  • Crazyglues

    First of all I was not attacking, I was just saying… No real big deal! was just asking the question, why people like you get your panties all in a bunch the second a comment is made is beyond me.

    So the list was just stuff that was coming out, fine. Why not just say that. Period. You just assumed I was mad when I said it, when really I was just saying it in a joking manner.

    Everything written in print is not a personal attack, Clam down, no one is attacking. Just asking?

    I guess I need to put a smiley face behind each sentence so you don’t take this response as another attack 🙂

  • Actually the downloadable LBP will be out this fall, with the blu-ray version, including user created levels, out next year.

  • I really like how you can steer the fireworks, and arrows in mid flight. That game looks very fun 😀

  • John

    HS looks visually more impressive with each video. I wonder how much is “in game” and how much is pre-rendered FMV / interactive FMV.

  • Well, very little of the cutscenes in the game are prerendered. The majority use the game engine.

  • John

    @bobeotm: that would be scary! 🙂

  • MetalProxy

    This game LOOK’s ten times better than Ninja Gaiden Sigma!!!