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80GB PS3 launches in US in August for $599. Price drop on 60GB model confirmed |

Gamespot reports official confirmation from Sony that the $499 price cut is real and there will be a new 80 GB model for sale at $599 that includes a copy of Motorstorm in addition to the larger hard drive

The $499 price cut is a great idea. Combined with the five free blu-ray movie offer and a recent wave of strong PS3 titles, the PS3 is looking very attractive.

However, this new 80 GB model doesn’t seem to make sense. I suspect that most users would prefer the current 60 GB model at the cheaper price and adding this new option seems like it will weaken the perception of the price drop.

Of course, this is still early information. I suspect there may be more to this story that we haven’t heard yet. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long.

UPDATE: No longer rumor. Confirmed.

Sony Confirmation

  • Sporty

    I agree that a 80GB is kinda pointless. But at least the Motorstorm bundle will lessen the $100 extra for 20 more GB. It doesn’t take much of a brain to upgrade your HDD. You can get over 300GB for about $100 if you follows the instruction manual to upgrade yourself.

    We’re about a month or so away from the media services going live so they have an excuse for the extra space. Hell I only have 28GB free on my 60 now.

  • It seems unlikely that sony would do this, if anything the harddrive would be bigger than 80, to compete with the 360 elite. 100 bucks is a bit much for only 2gb more and motorstorm, especially considering that there will be other high profile games that could benefit from being bundled.

    Have a SKU bump down doesnt do well in giving consumers the impression of a value savings. Consumers are psychologically affected more by a price drop, than by getting more at the same price. Sony should offer at least 120gb if they plan on doing this.

  • Well, now that its official, it seems like Sony is adopting Apple’s pricing strategy. You keep the price the same and simply add more to SKU. I imaging the 60 to be slowly phased out, and in about a year or so the 80gb takes its place as the 499 SKU with a 160 SKU replacing it at 599.

    Someone on another site said this may also be a way to get people to buy systems with the rumble-less sixaxis and the new 80gigs coming in august ship with Rumbling controllers. This would also inadvertently mean that the Sixaxis rumble controller also launches in august. Questions questions, most will be answered this week at E3.

  • Sporty

    I think your right about rumble coming with the new system bobeotm.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this new bundle actually launches for less and phase out the 60 then. Probably not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if another price drop will come by the holidays.

    The NYT article is kinda funny, “PS3 sees price drop as many Xbox’s fail”

  • Sporty

    Actually, I take that back, the new bundle is only like 3 weeks way. That’s too soon to do anything like I said.

  • Sporty

    Its not a rumor anymore. Not sure if you seen the youtube video of Jack Tretton announcing it, along with the Video and music service coming or not but here it is.

    BTW no idea how you do links or what this board supports.

  • In the latest Haze video on Gametrailer, theres something rather strange… They blurred out the Sixaxis in some shots (were they worked at the devkits)… Why would they do this if not for an embargo of the new controller…

    But this is still very speculative!

  • Sporty

    That debate is going crazy all over the forums.

    Heres a gif from that trailer, you can see the blurred out controller skipping across the desk when he sets it down.

    I don’t think they will announce rumble till it’s ready to ship though,

  • Darrin

    I still don’t understand the strategy of the 80GB model, but I’m sure they know what they are doing. It seems like the 60GB model will be the main model.

    Wow, I can’t wait to see what comes out on PSN this Thursday!

    We need other posts on those other news bits (I have to get back to work)

  • i agree that having the 80GB model at the original price point kind of dulls the impact of the price drop, especially compared to the x360 elite’s 120GB drive. my guess is that sony is hoping that hardcore buyers will still opt for the highest-end configuration. the downside is that it still leaves the impression that the PS3 is expensive, since there is a high-priced model out there. remember when everyone ignored the 20GB PS3 when doing price comparisons with the x360, despite the 20G PS3 being a better match for the 20GB x360 ‘premium’? it seems like the same thing all over again….

    on the other hand, now the x360 elite and the 60GB ps3 are about the same price. should be interesting…

  • derrickgott007

    Here is the best answer…..

    Buy the $499 60 GB PS3, rip out the hard drive, sell it on Ebay for $50.00(Average on ebay) and then buy a new HDD off of http://WWW.NEWEGG.COM or http://WWW.TIGERDIRECT.COM with 160GB of storage for $109 and use what you got for your old 60gb on EBAY for a game. You will end up with more storage.

  • Cakep2003

    Hey guys, I have a question about the 5 free blu ray discs offer, It says that you have to mail it with the original UPC code located on the outside of the player package, is that mean I have to cut out the UPC code from the box? or Could I just copy the code to another paper so I dont have to cut it out.

    This is the website for this offer