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Burnout Paradise Hands-On |

What’s great about this next gen Burnout that if you hit something with enough force it will wrap around the object being hit, or better yet your engine could go flying through the rear windshield with shards of glass and metal flying everywhere. Your car can even be torn in half, man that’s cool!

I really like how they are handling online play. Just find a traffic light and a friend via in-game buddy list, invite him to race, and when he accepts …. that’s it you ready to go. No menus at all. What a great idea! And this was demoed on the PS3 so we’ll get that feature.

Burnout Paradise will support PlayStation Eye, it will auto-snap photos of online opponents when you take them down, so you can see there reactions. Man that’s great 🙂 You can even sabotage an opponent’s boost meter during online play. Not sure how but it sounds fun.

Crash Mode (my favorite mode), has been renamed to “Showtime Mode” and you can do it anywhere. Anytime during a crash just tap L1 and R1 simultaneously and you’ll enter “Showtime Mode”. The crash continues as long as you maintain momentum. So in theory you could start a wreck at on side of the map and crash your way to the over side. This is a must buy game for me if you couldn’t already tell 🙂

Pre-E3 2007: Burnout Paradise Hands-on

Here is some gameplay

  • No splitscreen support.

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  • So that’s why it’s called paradise!
    Anyone remember that XNA Demonstration?

  • Mediamonkey

    Who the hell cares about splitscreen support? I’m not going to share half my 42″ TV for anyway – it’s not the 1990’s kick-ass online play is what’s needed.

  • Sporty

    Splitscreen comes in handy if you have friends in real life.

    It’s not always fun to watch them play or have them watch you play. Guess you could always tell them to get the hell out and meet you online, but most people would probably think your an ass 😀

  • Darrin

    This game sounds like a must buy. I can’t believe how many amazing games are coming out soon.

  • Chris

    I certainly hope they have split-screen support…my wife and I love racing against each other, and the game would lose a lot of its fun factor for us if we can’t compete!