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First In-game PS3 Killzone Image |

As Sporty pointed out in the Shoutbox, Sony have released the first in-game image of Killzone for the PS3:

PS3 Killzone In-game Image

It’s apparently a screenshot of the one level demo that will be showcased at E3 during the press conference that is scheduled for today. It looks pretty good but I want to see it in motion and we won’t have long to wait for that.

First In-game Image of PS3 Killzone

Full size version of PS3 Killzone Image

  • That shadow looks awefully pixelated. Just like MotorStorm.

  • Trust you to notice that. 🙄

  • Nathaniel Harvatt

    The official Sony blog has the lead dev on there saying that this was taken from an early version of the demo and isn’t the quality that will be shown later today. I’m more interested in seeing this in motion. Screenshots can be changed to much for my liking, if i see a moving demo and it looks good then i will be happy.

    I guess we will all have a video to download onto our PS3’s and look at frame by frame by the end of the week…….

  • John

    Killzone trailer seemed mostly about open outdoors and the first screenshot leaked is one of a cramped indoor… We’ll see how this turns out.

  • Sporty

    I agree, in motion gives a better idea of what it looks like. They use so many tricks now and animation can change the entire look and feel of a game. Like Drake’s Fortune, seeing the movements of the character being so fluid a screen shot just doesn’t do it justice.

    Public (or semi private press only invite) unveiling is only like 3 hours away. We should get a media blitz this afternoon and possible trailers on PSN soon

  • MetalProxy

    OK thats it, if I see that stupid twitchy shadow they use in games nowdays Iam going to freak. Who the hell said that kind of shadow works? Twitch Twitch
    People are going to be super picky with this game.

  • I like the focus blur on the guys hands and gun. The gritty grainy feels seems to be carried over from the trailer. Seeing in motion is really what is going to tell how good it looks.

  • Michael

    …..I dare to say that they are just teasing us. In an interview on n4g,com, they say that that is a pre-pre-alpha shot. Part of me thinks that that is the real thing that we’ll be seeing tonight, but the large part tells me that it’s going to look exactly, if not very, very close to the trailer at e3 05. Call me crazy, but they know what they have to show to shut up all of the none believers and they waited 2 years to unveil it again. I don’t think that they would show it if it wasn’t almost exactly like the 05 trailer, but we’ll see. My bet is that when the show starts, they’ll show like 1 of 2 minutes of a really, really, early build of the game and then say, “now….are you ready to see the REAL KILLZONE!!! We shall see.

  • Sporty

    It will look better then the compressed jpeg shown now, but from the threespeach site they said

    “taken from the 1 level demo that will be shown to press this evening” So I wouldn’t expect it to be night and day.

  • Michael

    Go over to and check out the Jercho in-game shots. They are freakin’ amazing. I now really believe th kz2 is gonna be awesome. If it isn’t amazing, it’s because Guarrillla doesn’t understand the ps3 good enough yet, because Jercho in-game looks just like the the CG trailer.

  • Sporty

    From the IGN review of the demo they are impressed.

    “we also witnessed one dying soldier crawl on his hands and knees for a bit while breathing his last breath, and another seemingly attempt to catch himself with his arms as the rest of his body went limp. The animation system was mind-blowing in any way, but it also fit nicely into the world.”

    Sounds like screenshots wont do this justice. Need to see this in motion. They have a ton of screens also and a video coming. A PSN trailer would be nice 😀