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Konami Doubts Impact of $100 Price Cut |

Kazumi Kitaue, head of Konami’s North American and European operations spoke to Reuters about the $100 price cut to the 60GB PS3 and believes it will have little impact:

I wonder if Sony can win back user support by the price cut of just $100. I don’t expect a substantial impact … With $500, you can buy a personal computer.

What’s that got to do with anything? 😕 The majority of people that are interested in the PS3 will more than likely own a PS2 and are waiting for the right moment to step up. The $100 price drop could be that right moment. Why would they want to buy a $500 PC?

As Tosh pointed out in the Shoutbox, the PS3 has had an initial sales boost due to the price cut, only time will tell just how much of an impact it has had on sales.

He also made a vague comment about MGS4:

Since Metal Gear Solid was born for the PlayStation, we would like to keep it a PlayStation game. But we might have to take some steps.

Confirmation that MGS4 will be a timed PS3 exclusive? I’m pretty sure that MGS4 will appear on the 360 at some stage, it’s just a matter of when not if.

Kazumi Kitaue interview via Reuters

  • It’s Konami looking across the street and seeing Rockstar get 50 million dollars for extra content in GTA4. What business isn’t going to try and get free money. Sony will cave if they can’t catch up to MS this Christmas.or is Xbox starts to pull away. Also I think the timed exclusives eventually hurt the games. Look at the situation with Halo 2 on the PC. Essentially they 9game companies) release a game late into the cycle and expect people to be just as enthusiastic. The shine of newness and having it first has worn off. The wii is going through that right now. Been there done that. Sony just needs to start buying more and more studios and making them first party. It’s just business.

  • derrickgott007

    What is wrong with Konami?? Did they not bother to read that as soon as the price cut was revealed that sales for the PS3 shot up 2800% on I’m no math major, but if you only sold 1 PS3 and then suddenly sales of the PS3 went up 2800%, thats 2800 PS3’s sold!

    Sounds like the price cut worked to me!

    And this crap about “Oh for $600 you could buy a computer….” I can build a computer for less than $100, but that doesnt make it the best at playing games and playing Blu-Ray movies now does it?

  • derrickgott007

    Oops my math was wrong….haha

    That would be 28 PS3’s sold….

    Still a hell of a jump in sales.

  • Hopefully the sales spike will last longer than a few days but we won’t know, until we get July’s hardware sales figures next month, just what kind of an impact the $100 price cut has had on PS3 sales.

  • Sporty

    Sony’s first party studio is already larger then Nintendo’s and Microsoft’s combined.
    I think Sony’s is being smart now with basically funding upstarts studio’s for PSN games but I agree, they should get back into offense mode soon. Or Ubisoft, EA and MS will eat up the next big game company.

    I think if Midway and Atari talk keeps up Sony should just jump in. Their back catalogs could be worth a ton with the write teams behind them.

    I think most of the comments we’vre heard. from MS, Nintnedo and Konami were all before the sales spikes. They even have some reports brick and mortar stores are running low. I think it caught most of the industry by surprise. Since PS3 used to have a $499 SKU no one was expecting a major spike.

    But I agree with Gary. This might just be a short term spike then level off. We’ll have to wait and see. Should give Sony some momentum for their show at least.

  • Mike

    I would not try to use Amazon as an example of how the system will sell everywhere. The problem with this “price drop” is that it effective puts the system back at the $499/$599 price structure that it had at launch, just with more hard drive space at each price point (and the card reader and wifi in the $499 unit). They needed to get the $499 20GB unit to $399 to start battling the bad press they’ve been getting for a year now. I don’t think the extra hard drive space means a lot to the average person… how many people have gone out and bought more Xbox 360 hard drive space beyond the 20GB?

    Even with the $1 billion repair bill, Microsoft could make a half-assed $50 price drop on all SKUs and keep the system $150 cheaper than PS3. And by virtue of how overpriced 360 accessories are, the Wii will remain more attractive to a lot of people than the 360 core that has been largely ignored up to this point. It will be interesting to see if this “price drop” changes much in the long run.

    And you’re right about Konami looking at the kind of money Rockstar North got. Third parties are becoming increasingly quarter-driven and less concerned about the long term. If they can’t start making money NOW on PS3 sales they will just put more and more of their games on XB360.

  • MetalProxy

    The PS3 could be 200 hundred bucks and people will still think its to much money. Fools are never happy till its almost free.
    500 dollar computer lol, give me a break konami!!! They are starting to smell like capcom.

  • PSN ID=LifEndz

    At this point I’m sick of all the whole thing. I hope they announce something one way or another so we can all move on with our lives.

  • Matt

    This is a step in the right direction. The reality is that even if they double there total sales by the end of the year, it still is not enough.

    The PS3 price will need to drop on a regular basis (every 6-10 months) to keep sales steady until they hit $299.

    I think a bigger boost to sales will be the inclusion of a rumble controller and a few more games.

    The only thing that might get me to jump sooner than later is the emotion engine chip will not be in the PS3 much longer.’

    Is anyone bitter about the price decrease? This is really soon for a price drop and not really one game that justified the extra $100. The original Xbox had Halo atleast.

  • Sporty

    It’s actually 1 month longer then PSOne took to drop $100 and 2 months longer then Xbox’s first drop.
    From what they have announced Emotion engine isn’t going to be in the new bundle. They say the 60GB will still have it, for now.

    Not going to touch the no game comment. Most actual PS3 owners would argue that, but I’ll go back to my Stardust HD marathon now. That’s my current crack

  • This is Konami speaking not Kojima’s Studio. It’s obvious Konami is trying to make Kojima go multiplat.