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PS3 Guitar Hero III Guitar |

gh3_guitar.jpgRumours swirling around nowadays state that GHIII could be a time 360 exclusive. I, for one, certainly hope not! I’m really looking forward to playing a native PS3 Guitar Hero game, and I don’t want to be delayed because of politics.

At any rate, Activision has released pictures of the new GHIII guitars, and they all look similar. The Wii one has a place to embed the remote and the PS2 one is black. The PS3 guitar and the 360 guitar both look very similar, except that you can see four lights on the PS3 guitar to signal which controller it is.

Of course, all the guitars are wireless. Of course.

Does anybody on this site besides me actually play these games?

Click on the picture to see a full-sized version.

Guitar Hero III Guitars Revealed

  • I’ve never played a GH game or a SingStar game or an EyeToy game. Why? I dunno. Out of the 3, I would be tempted by the new PS Eye but the other two just don’t appeal to me.

  • Bob

    Ya, I play GH all the time. It is actually one of the most addicting games I have ever played!
    Everyone grows up and wants to be a rock star. The time, and effort, it takes to learn an instrument is so hard. This game makes you feel like a rock star, in a matter of minutes!

  • I love Guitar Hero but unfortunately, both my GH1 and GH2 discs are too scratched, the controllers don’t work on PS3 and my brother seems to have sold my PS2.

    I don’t even know if I’ll get GH3 because Rock Band seems better and I don’t want to have like 4 guitar controllers. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use PS2 guitar controllers on PS3.

    I really don’t know what to do because none of my friends have PS3s and I want to play with them online and I want to be able to take my controller to their houses and use them on their Xbox 360s but I’d rather have Rock Band/GH3 on PS3.

    Another annoying thing with hardware compatibility is the PS Eye. Apparently, it can record video at a really fast frame rate (120fps or something) so you can record videos in super slow-mo.
    The problem is that the recorded videos are saved in a format which can only be viewed with the PS3 software that it was recorded with.

    It would have been cool if you could just save the videos to your hard drive and them transfer them to a computer. It would also be cool if you could use the camera with computers and maybe have some special software to take advantage of its special features or something. I guess it’s not impossible but I don’t think anything like that has been talked about with the public yet.

  • Why white? And everyone is going to be interested in rockband anyway. Afterall, its the game actually made by harmonix.

  • Bob

    White guitars are pretty sweet looking.

    As for rockband, eh, the interface looks too clustered/confusing.
    Although, playing the drums is interesting to me, so i might break down.

    Pretty much the same game, IMHO, just different songs.

  • Darrin

    So far it looks like it will be safe to skip Guitar Hero in favor of buying Rock Band.

    There are rumors regarding exclusivity everywhere about anything and everything. Rumors with a shred of actual credibility are much more rare.

  • derrickgott007

    Oh yeah, ROCK BAND has tons of potential….After reading the review where the developer said that after playing the drum tracks for a while on hard you could actually play them on real drums….Now that blows a cartoony guitar outta the water! LONG LIVE ROCKBAND!!!!

  • Guitar_Hero

    Derrickgott007 just because the devoloper said you can play real drums from it doesnt mean its true…. Your so guillible…. Its like Microsoft saying “Xbox beats ps3” It isnt true but they make you buy it. Everybody who thinks Xbox 360 is better because Microsft pays to make commercials and came out before. Keep your eye set on Resistance 2.. I