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Sony E3 Conference Summary |

Wow! Sony really hit that one out of the park! I was expecting good things, but wow. Here’s a quick summary:

  • PSP Redesign: 33% lighter and 19% slimmer. Bundles for $199 including Daxter, Family Guy UMD, 1GB memory stick, new Silver color. Separate Star Wars Battlefield bundle.
  • echochrome: New original game. Minimalist graphics. Original gameplay
  • PSN Games: Wipeout HD. More on Pain, SOCOM, Warhawk
  • Way more Home features: Interactivity from regular mobile phones. Launch directly into multiplayer games.
  • NCSoft making PS3 exclusive MMO titles
  • Haze is a PS3 exclusive through Q4 2007 and at least Q1 2008.
  • Unreal Tournament 3 will be a PS3 timed exclusive this holiday.
  • MGS4 will remain PS3 exclusive!!! Counter to almost everyone’s predictions.
  • Infamous announced. This is the new title from Sucker Punch Studios, who are famous for the excellent Sly Cooper series.
  • GT5 Prologue demo this year. Includes full online multiplayer. Full GT5 in 2008.
  • Killzone 2 trailer. Game looks awesome. Scheduled for 2008.
  • More on all the other big 2007 PS3 titles.

Wow, I’m very impressed. Sony nailed it. Great price cut, and lots of high quality new announcements and surprises.

CORRECTION: Fixed “PSP2” -> “PSP”.

  • Darrin

    Now if they can release a great PSN demo this week, it will be perfection!

    I’m quite happy with all the great announcements and surprises so far, but a PSN demo would just make this the perfect E3.

  • The crowd was far livelier in the Sony keynote than in microsoft’s (where the halo edition 360 went over like a lead balloon). I am definitely excited about home, things are really looking nice. I have be griping about having no psp color options here in the states, I am considering buying another in white.

  • Wipeout. Now That needs a demo. And GT Prologue can’t come out fast enough.

  • Darrin

    Where is:

    Lair: Already previewed too much? Too close to release, maybe?
    GTA4: They didn’t even mention this. I wonder if Rockstar signed some deal with Microsoft that prevented it from Sony’s show. I can’t imagine why else it would have been omitted from Sony’s third party section.
    Afrika: Bet this was canceled. What a dumb idea. A non-violent nature simulator? No hunting, no predator/prey, no mating, or social conflict, just animals walking and sleeping?
    Getaway/8 Days: Too early in development?

  • Well, they didnt show anything about GTA4 because there was nothing new to show. At the microsoft keynote they simply showed the trailer people have already seen, a waste of time in my opinion. Sony probably realized anyone who wanted to see that trailer, has already done so. Lair has been previewed quite a bit, I guess it was worth perhaps a mention, but I think the focus was better on other titles. Getaway is probably too early on, not to mention they dont want to step in GTA’s shadow.

  • derrickgott007

    It’s not the PSP2….Its just a redesign….
    So do us all a favor Henning, and DROP THE 2.

    The slim PS2 wasnt called PS2.5 or PS3 was it?? Nope, it was still the PS2.

  • derrickgott007

    Also, SONY NEVER CALLED IT A PSP2, so stop calling it the PSP2, you will only cause confusion amongst the stupid morons. I mean look at how many stupid people came out of the woodworks when they announced the 80GB PS3, they all asked “Is this one faster?”

    Idiots, the world is full of them.

  • Darrin

    derrick, it was my fault regarding PSP2. It was a simple mistake. I knew it wasn’t a PSP2, I was just quickly copy/pasting/typing too fast.

  • Sporty

    I’m actually considering selling my current PSP and getting one of the newer ones later.

    Faster loading, better battery life and TV out for video and games is sweet. Would be nice to play the new PSP God Of War on my TV. Not to mention PC to PS3 media streaming with Remote play anywhere and ability to hook the PSP up to a TV.

    And although Haze looks sweet, Killzone is nice and all, why is everything turning into a FPS lately?

  • Just wait until they give you a gun in Home! 🙂 Just kidding…

    derrickgott007: note that this blog has 4 active writers, not one. Me (Henning), Gary, Darrin, and Tosh.

    You can see who wrote a particular post from the picture (on the main page) or in the ‘Entry Info’ section when viewing a single article.

    So do us all a favour, derrickgott007, and figure out who you’re talking to before you start talking.

    Darrin: great post. I, personally, completely understand how typos like this can happen when you’re trying to get a post out quick.

  • liars

    USB charging for the PSP is sweet as well. Wow what a show.

  • derrickgott007


    No problem on the post…I was just concerned about misguided people saying “Oh PSP2!”

  • Darrin

    Thanks for spotting that, Derrick

  • Sporty

    Looks like Sony has hidden several e3 interviews under other items in PSN.
    ps3fanboy has 7 with their locations.

  • derrickgott007

    Anyone notice that the keynote speech is not on the PSN like they said it would be?? hmmmm…That sure is odd.

  • wow… they got a psp2 now ?

  • Darrin

    Yes, the keynote speech isn’t on PSN and I can’t download demos of R&C, GT5, Echochrome, and Infamous.

  • derrickgott007

    Hey Darrin,

    Look at Yodaddy’s post….See? Looks like they are starting to come out of the woodwork…lol

  • haha i’m sure yodaddy was being sarcastic 🙂

    anyway, i hope to get the newer, lighter PSP. i was hoping it would be smaller, not just thinner, but i guess there’s not much they can do about the size without shrinking that big beautiful screen.

    i agree with sporty– why is everything an FPS now?!

  • you got me … I was have’n some fun this morning !

  • derrickgott007

    The Family Guy Freakin Sweet edition has my name written all over it!