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Killzone 2 and N’Gai Croal |

PS3 Killzone In-game Image

Sorry I don’t have time to discuss, but I thought you’d all like to read this. N’Gai Croal has some time playing Killzone 2, and gives his impressions of the game.

First Killzone 2 Hands-On

He also gives impressions from the demo.

Expanded Details on Killzone 2

Lots of cool stuff here folks. Like 4x anti-aliasing, a great cover system, and awesome post-processing for great effects.

  • Sporty

    N’Gai is the journalist who’s opinion I respect the most in gaming.

    Probably why he gets the hands on exclusive. One guy they know will judge the product on it’s merits.

  • derrickgott007

    I am tired of all this talk about N’Gay Crotch…..the stupid developer Seth Luisi values N’Gay Crotch’s opinion more than that of his valuable loyal customers. So what he writes for a huge magazine but he’s about as out of place there as a snake in a henhouse.

  • Well I for one like N’Gai Croal and his writing.

  • derrickgott007

    So what he writes for Newsweek…..that’s like going to a car dealership to see what movies are coming out at the theater…..if I want video game news I’ll read this site or another game related site not Newsweek.

  • I would say “He writes for Newsweek… so what?” I don’t care. It’s stupid to discount his writings just because they come from an unconventional (according to you, it seems) source. Besides, it’s not “Non-gaming Newsweek”, it’s “Newsweek”. So what if he discusses gaming news in a news magazine? Makes sense to me.

  • great articles! they leave me feeling very optimistic about killzone 2.

  • hey is this the site that has more info on the psp2 w/ rumble ?

  • Uh, there’s no PSP2. There’s no rumble on a PSP.

    What we DO have is a slimmer, lighter PSP with faster load times and video output.
    And we also have rumours about rumble for PS3 controllers.

    No PSP with rumble, however. I think someone was jesting about that on another post, though.

  • yes sir…

  • Inspectre

    So far he’s had the best write up on Killzone. I’m sure there will be other good ones, but for some reason nobody’s writing about it much (yet).