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Was there a PS3 price cut? |

The PS3 launched at $499/$599 with 20GB/60GB models and now PS3 is again selling at $499/$599 with 60GB/80GB models. Both Sony executive Jack Tretton and Microsoft executive Peter Moore have suggested that there was not a PS3 price cut for this reason.

From a more practical perspective, the most popular PS3 purchase price (in the US) clearly dropped from $599 to $499. Why didn’t Sony just announce a price cut and leave it at that? Why introduce the 80GB model? Consumers can easily ignore the 80GB model and buy 60GB models if they prefer, but it still seems like an odd strategy.

Any theories on why Sony chose the route that they did?

  • Purely marketing. They needed something to get the ball rolling. Overall the “price drop” is nothing more than a “value-add”. I agree the 80gb model is a bit goofy. And why throw in two of the best games on the console? Don’t they want people to BUY those games? They’re desperate and need to start moving merchandise. It’s about all they can do at this point. IMHO.

  • It’s a price cut to me, since the two sku’s now have the same hardware and there only being a difference in harddrive size. I wounldnt have announced an 80gb version, it would have shut up all the media outlets that are now saying there isnt a price drop. No one is making anyone buy the top SKU, especially with the harddrives being so easily upgradable.

    I’m buying the 60 gig because its now 100 cheaper, that sounds like a price drop if I ever heard one.

  • I can understand in a way adding a new top tier SKU, but 80 is a curious number. It would seem like a reasonable price if the harddrive was say, twice the size of the one being offered for 100 less. But it this case there is only a 20gb difference. If the drive was 120 or 160 it would be easy to see a value in this. And its not as if sony is buying harddrives at retail price, they could have easily put a bigger drive in there with little cost to them.

  • Previously, you had one model at $600. Now you have the same model at $500. Sounds like a price cut to me.

    But I agree that the 80GB model isn’t necessary. My guess is that they want some people buying this model to prop up their profit margins a bit. I betcha Sony actually makes money on every 80GB PS3 sold.

  • well I guess I need an 80gb now!

  • yeah. the 80gb sku confuses the message, although it does seem that most media outlets are reporting it as a price drop, so that’s good.

    i’m guessing henning is right on about the profits.

  • Problem with the 80GB model is that it’s like the European PS3 – less PS2 hardware inside, so therefore less PS2 compatibility.

  • it’s purely an Apple move. Apple doesn’t change prices they just move the products down the price ladder. It’s a good move by Sony since as far as manufacturing goes only the hard drive changes. Once thing I’d like to see is a really small hard drive PS3. 20 gig or maybe even a flash drive of 4 gigs. But keep the HD SATA port. They could make the machine for a bit less cost, maybe even get it down to $399.
    what I think is funny is that you can now buy 60 gig, and replace the hard drive for less than $100. I still think that Sony needs to reduce the price a bit more. or sweeten the bundle even more.

  • Bilzac check it ….pretty sad really if happens… Seems like president of SCEE has spoken saying that the 60 GB price cut is there until the stock lasts. which he expects to clear by the end of this month. Then the 60 GB ps3 will be phased out leaving only an 80 GB SKU on the shelves. If this is true than it is prob one of the biggest mistakes Sony has made yet. its like the amount of critism they got wasnt enough. Anyway i just wanted to point out that its SCEE president on SCEA so it mite not be true as marketing the PS3 is different according to the region. This can be noted as the SCEAu confirmed that all PAL countries were gonna get 17% price cuts. Instead what was announced for Europe was the Bundle. Hence he may not know exactly whats going on in SCEA . Hopefully hes wrong.