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New Poll: Best E3 2007 Press Conference? |

Time for a new poll! Vote in the sidebar as always. This time it’s E3 related, of course. Who had the best press conference this week at E3 2007?

  • Sony
  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo


Previous Poll Results

What 2007 PS3 exclusive are you anticipating the most?

* Heavenly Sword: 26% (86)
* Drake’s Fortune: 21% (68)
* Haze: 14% (45)
* Warhawk: 12% (41)
* Lair: 12% (38)
* R&C Future TOD: 6% (20)
* Ninja Gaiden Sigma: 4% (14)
* Eye of Judgement: 2% (8)
* Folklore: 2% (7)
* Time Crisis 4: 1% (2)

Total Votes : 329

With all the press Lair’s been getting, I would have expected better performance. Ditto for R&C.

  • Maverick

    this poll dosent make sense obviously everyone is just going to vote SONY
    thats why this is a sony fanboy website

  • If you’re a longtime reader of t his site, you’ll know that we don’t shy away from criticizing Sony when it’s due. But if everyone votes Sony the winner this year, I think it’s because they deserve it.

  • Scott

    But if you where to ask the exact same question on a Xbox 360 or Nintendo blog, everyone knows who the readers will vote for. Extremely pointless poll as it was obvious who was going to win it.

  • Pc

    Well i have owned all the consoles (including the 360 and wii) and i say that Sony had the best E3 this year by far !! They also have the best console ever made by far 🙂

  • Well, Maverick and Scott, I invite you to create your own blogs and refrain from asking your readers this question.

    Whine whine whine.

  • I’d like Scott and Maverick to share with us just who they think won E3 and explain why.

  • Darrin

    Maverick, of course this site has a PS3 leaning (did the name give us away?). No one treats this discussion and poll as an impartial measure of public opinion. This is just supposed to be a fun place to chat and talk about games. BTW, we love to hear people who disagree with us (without getting mean spirited or just trolling).

    But who had the best conference and E3 showing? Easily Sony.

    Of course, I’m rooting for them, but Microsoft didn’t really announce anything at all. You could say Microsoft is holding their cards or they are already riding high or you could debate that they still have a better holiday game lineup, but I don’t think anyone can seriously say that they put on a better E3 show.

  • Rjcc

    I voted nintendo, the Wii fit girl in shorts was a winner.

    but I put microsoft well ahead of sony. six months from now, I’ll be playing the games shown on my 360, while my ps3 will….still be folding @ home. good for cancer, not so good for gaming.

    I’ve never been a metal gear fan, and I’ll get excited about the next killzone, when the last killzone was a good game.

    somewhat OT: this is now the second straight year sony has not mentioned key info about its multiple sku strategy @ the conference, only to leak it afterwards. last year with the 20gb non-hdmi (ultimately a non-issue because a. they added hdmi to it and b. you couldn’t find one anyway), and now this year with the 60gb non-price drop.

  • While Nintendo has a great console.. if you are in to Famliy/Kids games.. I do think their overall was outstanding for that market. I think the last I heard they have out sold the PS3 and somebody correct me if I am wrong, but If you are a parent and are looking for some great family based gaming… hands down Nintendo has it all day. Now If you a a gamer looking to get your rocks off … well Microsoft does have alot more games to play right now. If your console is working. If its not working… well I am glad to now you can still get it fixed after all 1 billion dollars for fixing that piece of $ I hope goes a long way to keeping the 360 fanboys happy… Lord knows they need it for what they have paid. Maybe they could spend more time playing all those games instead of finding a to talk $ on. Sony on the other hand has a great piece of hardware and right now, It does not have alot of games compaired to the 360, but a 1080p, bluray, cell, HDMI right out of the box… The games are coming, nothing is going to stop that. E3 was a chance for everyone to come out and say look at what we got and what is coming. Sony stole the show hands down. It has taken some time… well alot of time, hell too much time ! Sony still has alot more they can do … after all they are not throwing their money on fixing, but more on What else they can do with it… in 6 months to a year and even on down the road for the long haul I think Sony has it. If you are a “Joe Cool” gamer, Chances are you are a smart person and the smart choice to buy is a PS3, well unless you are into family/kids games or so bent on the crap that microshot keeps pushing maybe one of ther other consoles is for U !

  • Sporty

    I actually fell asleep on Nintendo’s conference. It bored the hell out of me. Wii fit looks fun, if I was 4y again. It will be a major seller for them, but so was Nintendogs, doesn’t mean it appeals to me.

    MSs wasn’t all that great either. Nearly every gamer said Sony put on a better show. MS fanboys use the fall back of no games this year. But if you look at MSs biggest games, except Mass effect, Bio Shock, and Halo 3, most will also be on PS3 this year. So that argument is kinda pointless. For those without a 360 you can play Mass effect and Bio shock on a PC. Halo 3 didn’t do it for me at all. Mechanical jerky unrealistic animation and same old thing. My interest in Bio Shock went down after E3, Mass effect still looks sweet though.

    I’m more interested in Uncharted, Ratchet, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Folklore and Warhawk, all of which are less then 6 months away, I’ve been on Super Stardust HD for the last week like a crack addict so I haven’t picked up Sigma yet. Assassin’s Creed, CoD4, Strangle hold, Blacksite, Haze, GTA and everyday shooter are all good for the ramp up to the holiday season and we still don’t have the rest of the games announced/dated for November/December. We still have Leizip (which we get a ‘special announcement’ probably Touchsense) and TGS before we get the December dates and titles confirmed.

    The no games this year really only works for fanboys that don’t like Count Sony titles at all and discount third party titles. PSN also has a few new games and updates coming. GT5 prologue and LBP, SOCOM coming there.

    I hate getting into a PS3/360 thread since I own both, But I hate the same old arguments over and over. These are the games I’m interested in. A lot of the other crap that 360 is getting is also coming to PS3 this year. Also in 6 months I’m not sure my 360 will still be working.

    So Saying PS3’s E3 was way behind MSs is your opinion, For those that don’t care about the big 3 from MS, or that have a PC and don’t care for halo, not a lot of games from a PS3 point that we can’t play.

  • Maverick

    im was a long time reader of this website and i thought you guys were all great and cool
    but now its nice to see your real side… your all idiots
    i was stating an option
    way to go douche


  • And so were we.
    I hope you come back!

  • Sporty

    I normally don’t go back pages to read comments, but I hope you didn’t take my comment as directed towards you.

    I was just responding to Sony was the worst conference comment, they weren’t based on substance but dates that were flawed since 90% of the games are coming to both systems at the same time. Discounting the 2 big games that aren’t shipping this year as probably crap anyway.

    If you like another conference more for the games that’s fine. I could care less.

    At the same time that I wasn’t responding to you about your opinion that we’re all Fanboys and our opinions don’t matter, You might want to get thinker skin, anti-Sony people are allowed to state their reasons but PS3 buy aren’t allowed to justify our votes? You are the one that came out with the name calling.

    As I said, I rarely go back and look at comments from any post other then page one, so I probably wont even see a response to this

  • gay people are so touchy !

  • Hey hey – be nice!