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Mark Rein Talks Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 |

Here’s a nice video interview of Mark Rein talking about UT3 on the PS3. Some of the stuff covered includes why it’s PS3/PC only this year, mods, free DLC and technical comparisons with Gears of War:

Mark Rein talks UT3 on PS3

  • Videospel

    Oh come on, Why does the ps3 version not support usb mouse and keyboard as an optional way tp play the game? I mean it works perfectly when typing and browsing the internet on a ps3.

    I think its lame not to include that feature.

  • Pc

    That feature might be included later on, but doesn’t matter to me because I’m very good with the sixaxis controller. It’s good to hear that such a BIG game like this one is actually gonna be on the PS3 well before the 360. Will most likely run better on the PS3 as well. I’m excited about this game 🙂

  • Sporty

    It probably will support USB KB/Mouse. Resistance does. He didn’t say it wouldn’t, just said they know how to make a FPS work with a controller. After all it was announced with KB/Mouse support

    Sony even made a big deal about this since MS wont allow it.

  • Pc

    Hey Henning, i can’t login anymore to chat in the live shout box. I went to login and it says wrong user name. Has there been a change that I’m not aware of ??

  • Bilzac

    Im pretty pumped for this game…hey henning can plz make me a member?

  • Dartmerc

    Resistance doesn’t allow keyboard/mouse play.
    I head this was coming with keyboard/mouse support, and my oppinion is that it shouldn’t.
    I own a keyboard and mouse, but I know many people do not.
    It is a fact, that a mouse is a much more precise pointing device then a controller, and a good keyboard/mouse player will beat a good controller player any day.
    Basically, games where keyboard/mouse is allowed, controller players have a disadvantage. The exact same thing happened in DooM when trackballs (then later mice) became popular, keyboard only players began to get owned.

    In my opinion, the only excuse to allow keyboard/mouse support ingame, is if its a multiplatform enabled game.
    My two cents.

  • Sporty

    Guess it doesn’t then. Just heard it did but my keyboard on PS3 is kinda slow response so I never tried it. I only used it for chat.

    But I don’t see the problem with KB/Mouse. Yes it’s insanely more accurate, however some people have gotten very good at a controller on FPS games. Anyone can use a Keyboard and mouse on PS3 so the unfair advantage isn’t really true. It’s the same options for everyone.

  • Sporty

    Besides FragFX adds Keyboard mouse support to anygame

  • Pc, Bilzac, e-mail me.

  • Pc

    Ok Henning, I emailed you……

  • true

    If there is mouse support I will get both the ps3 and ut3.

  • It’s awesome…I’ve played it.