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$399 40GB PS3 Coming Soon? |

Ah rumours. Ya gotta love ’em, because it gives us something to talk about. The latest talking point is the fall introduction of a 40GB PS3 for $399. And depending on where you hear this rumour, the machine either will or will not have backwards compatibility totally removed.

Hmmm. BC totally removed? I just can’t swallow that one. While surely it must be true that a lot of people don’t care a whit about BC, it would be too confusing to the consumer to have two SKU’s out there, only one of which had BC. Imagine finally being able to afford a PS3, but then it doesn’t play some of your PS2 games. Man, that would suck. I just don’t think that Sony would bifurcate the market like this. It doesn’t make sense.

What about the 40GB aspect? Hm. I have to say that I don’t like that idea any better. Sony’s been talking up downloadable content, and about how we need the 80GB PS3’s extra space soon for all the stuff we’ll be downloading. And now they want to give us a smaller hard disk? Hardly the kind of message they should be sending.

So I’m really hoping that this rumour proves to be false. I’ll even give Sony a hint as to what they should be doing. This fall, Sony should drop the price of the 80GB PS3 to $399 and introduce a 160GB PS3 for $499. Or maybe keep the 60GB PS3 but drop it to $399, and introduce a 120GB PS3 at $499, skipping the 80GB SKU altogther. I doubt they’d do that, though, considering that they’re just introducing the 80GB PS3 next month. Ah well.

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  • HachiRoku

    I would have to definitely call BS on the “no backwards compatability” part. The reason being, the new models use Software to achieve backwards compatability. Therefore, as long as the $399 model is still a PS3, and runs PS3 software, then it will utilize the same BC method as the EU models and the new 80gig models coming to North America.

  • Sporty

    HachiRoku is right. BC on the new systems is cheaper then the old 60GB but since they are software, it wouldn’t cost Sony any less to remove that at all. Only thing it does is confuse peopel.

    Also, 40Gb (Along with 60GB) drives are actually more expensive then 80GB. 80GB are extremely common and produced at higher volume. So Sony moving to Software along with 80GB drives is cheaper to produce then if they released a 40GB model. So It’s highly unlikely.

    I wouldn’t doubt a $399 price point anytime within the next 9 months. But it will probably a a ‘core’ 80GB in NA at least.

  • Hm. If I remember correctly, the European PS3 has the Emotion Engine chip removed. But there’s still some hardware (another chip?) in there for BC purposes.

  • Sporty

    I ‘Think’ that was actually just confusion some sites came to. Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer were combined on one die awhile ago. But when it was announced that EE was taken out some sites speculated the GS was still in.

  • Darrin

    These are weak rumors. All the gossip about PS3 price points is wildly suspect.

  • I think this was a rumour from one of the game magazine pre-E3, Game spot or something else. I’d love it if it were true. The trouble with these rumours is that if they are unfounded end up hurting Sony. People delay their purchases until the new price and when it doesn’t come true they get all pissed a Sony for not delivering. Double ouch.

  • Sporty

    Very true. One some forums, people are all upsets that Sony ‘lied’ to use about announcing rumble at E3. The main problem with rumors is too many gullible people consider it sure thing and get panties in a bunch when it doesn’t happen.

    It’s even worse the ones that fabricate why it didn’t happen.

  • The more likely option is the 80gb sku will drop to 499 after the 60gb stock runs out, then sony will just function on one sku, reducing it when necessary. Eventually a more advance sku may come out and does the same bump down we are currently experiencing.

  • PSN ID=LifEndz

    I don’t think BC really matters all that much. How many PS2s are out there? Like 100 plus million or some crazy number. Besides, people are buying a PS3 to enjoy PS3 games…right? So let’s get the price down by removing EE so that more people can get in on this. I guess all this is easier for me because I haven’t played a PS2 game in a long time. Either way, I think no EE is the way to go. The price would be right there with MS and put Sony in great shape. Look how well the system is selling at 499. Imagine 399. PS3 would own the holiday season.

  • Darrin

    BC matters. I’ve been playing way more PS2 games than PS3. Yes, I have a PS2, but I’d rather just leave my PS3 hooked up.

  • and the ps2 games DO look way beeter on that ps3 via the HDMI hook up …… BONG

  • Mustang

    How about researching how much each ps3 costs Sony?
    I’d say between 5 and 6 hundreds. Maybe next year, 399 might be possible.