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PS3 Outsells 360 in NA |

Here are the American console sales for the week ending July 14th, 2007. (I removed handhelds.)

Wii – 76,394
PS2 – 43,406
PS3 – 41,005
360 – 35,084
GC – 1,864
Xbox – 11

Video Game Chartz – American Weekly Chart 14jul07

And just for comparison purposes, here are the American console sales for the week ending July 7th, 2007.

Wii – 69,510
PS2 – 45,066
360 – 34,623
PS3 – 17,770
GC – 2,112
Xbox – 14

Video Game Chartz – American Weekly Chart 07jul07

One of the first things you’ll think is “what, they still sell the Xbox?”. The second thing you’ll note is that the PS3 outsold the 360 last week, more than doubling in sales over the previous week. I guess the double whammy of a PS3 price drop and Sony’s strong E3 showing can do that! 🙂 As far as I know, this is the first time since launch that the PS3 has outsold its main competitor, so this is good news for those of us hoping for a large installed base of PS3 gamers. Almost everyone can guess that this lead in sales is temporary, but the question is: how long will this lead last? Is this the only week? Is there more coming? Only time will tell.

  • That is quite amazing. I didnt expect the drop to have that big of an effect. I am still calling it a drop and not a clearance sale for the time being since the other model isnt actually available yet, so right now its just the 60gb at a lower price.

    This is certainly a feat, considering that the 360 has been out a year longer, and costs significantly less. Of course the PS2 is still beating them both, but I cant see sony being upset by the money its raking in.

  • MetalProxy

    HaHa, the PS2 out sold the 360 also. Alot of people that i know that didnt have a PS3 went out and bought one. Its strange to see the GC and xbox on the list.

  • Jimmy Stewart

    Still not terribly impressive when you consider the 360 has been out quite a bit longer than the PS3. I mean which console should be in more demand… The console that launched over two years ago or the one that launched last November? Then you factor in the price drop and the fact that there’s relatively nothing going on for the 360 at the present moment (i.e. no major releases or price drops to spur sales) and this really seems not that impressive. It’s almost a knock against the console that even after a pretty major price drop it only manages to pass the older 360 during a slow month by such a slim margin.

  • I don’t think so.

    Remember that new consoles don’t have a large installed base of software. It’s very tricky situation, where gamer’s don’t want to buy because there’s no software, but console manufacturers WANT gamers to buy anyway to give developers more incentive to develop games.

    The PS2 had a similarly slow ramp-up, and so did the 360. Every console has this problem.

    Just because the PS3 has all sorts of other cool features doesn’t mean that the main driver behind sales isn’t games anymore. It’s still about games and I think that last week’s showing at E3 told gamers that that PS3 is a great gaming platform. Plus the price cut, and now people have more incentive to buy.

  • ehandlr

    PS3 has few games worth a console purchase yet where the 360 has a library to fall back on. PS3 is also more expensive and was trailing far behind in last place.

    As far as which console should be in more demand…well my guess would be the console with the most games.

    Amazingly enough, the PS3 is on the same sales track record as the original PS2.

    PS3 only has 1 game geared towards Japanese gamers and it was horrible. You will see a spike in Japan come July 26th with the Hot Shots Golf 5 bundle. Shortly after that, the new UK bundle comes out that gives an extra controller, HDMI cable and 2 free games.

    Its only a matter of time but you will see double to triple PS3 sales worldwide in the next few months.

  • correction …. the 360 does have something …. extended warranty !

  • Rjcc

    there’s a reason why most sites refuse to post vgchartz’s numbers though.

  • Talking about an open-ended insult!

    Hm, let’s see. Is is because vgchartz’s colour scheme is bad? Or because they use a ‘z’ instead of ‘s’ in “VGChartz” ? Or is it because it’s beta and people refuse to post a beta site’s numbers?

    Pfffft. I give up.

    Oh wait. Are you insuating VGChartz’s numbers are bad? They’ve always been within 10% of NDP’s numbers. So even if they were off by that much this time, the PS3 would still have outsold the 360.

    Next time, please don’t throw stones without at least defining a target. Oh, and some proof would be nice as well.

  • Rjcc

    Sorry I took away some of your glee.

    I’d just rather wait for numbers that aren’t known to b e wildly inaccurate. “always within 10%” simply isn’t true. they’ve been known to go back and “revise” their numbers after npd comes out.

    if you want to make an estimate, just make it up yourself, citing a place like that does no one any favors.

  • Rjcc

    oh, and I suppose all the sites out there that continue to ignore vgchartz are throwing stones too? that’s not “proof”?

    you’re right though, it probably is just the color scheme.

  • Checking…..

    Nope. No glee is missing. Still there.


  • ehandlr

    I’ve been watching VGchartz since the PS3 and Wii launch. They have only had one revision to date that was semi massive and it wasn’t on the PS3 side. All of their other calculations are on point so often, that you will often not see a single change when NPD is finally released.

    Besides..I’d trust someone who is trying to compact real numbers being its kinda their job then another site/person whose job is to report news which is false or speculation more often then its not.

  • I doubt the numbers could be that far off. The price drop happened in the middle of 360’s summer drought. Of course a drop is going to have a positive effect on sales. And considering the good showing sony had at the (now televised) e3 keynote, they may have received a bit of a bump from that as well.