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Poll: PS3 Orientation |

Here’s a new poll for you: do you have your PS3 oriented sideways, or upright?

Vote in the sidebar as always!

Last poll results:

Who had the best press conference at E3 2007?

* Sony: 93% (187)
* Microsoft: 4% (9)
* Nintendo: 2% (5)

Total Votes : 201

  • Vertical for me, I’ve heard it cools better that way too. And of course it looks cooler 🙂

  • upright… so it not bucked up on the receiver… and yea it does look better !

  • Vertical/Upright

  • Joe

    My PS3 is all man in case you heard otherwise!

  • MetalProxy

    Im the only one that keeps it sideways!? Iam worried it will get tipped over by my dog. And my PS3 is ALL Beast, not man. Man kind is weak lol.

  • When I play in my living room it’s horizontal, whereas it is vertical in my office. So, you need a new category: both ways

  • knight_spg

    I think your wording: sideways,upright is too confusing- i don’t know what I’m voting for…it should read vertical or horizontal (restart poll please)- i voted wrong i think…thanks

  • Vertical all the way. The vent holes are at the top that way, which would cause one to believe that heat would more efficiently leave the system, kind of like a chimney. Even apart from that, the system is so damn sexy when its standing up, like a sleek black monolith, or a swanky model office bulding.

  • lewis

    vertical, however i am worried about dust getting in the top vents so i put a game on top while not in use