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The Sony Storm is coming to Leipzig |

MCV got a chance to interview the SCEE boss David Reeves. He said the “E3 was a phoney war”. The real war will begin at Leipzig next month, August 23 – 26. A few things that stood out for me in the interview are:

“Massively enhancing the appeal of both the PlayStation 3 and PSP.”

“We will be doing things no-one has seen yet for both PS3 and PSP.”

Wonder what it could be, here are a few of my thoughts:

  • They reveal the full list of all the PS3 games out by the end of the year.
  • PlayStation Store on the PSP finally.
  • Updates to remote play.
  • A big Firmware upgrade for PS3 & PSP.
  • Movie and Music on the PS Store.
  • More Home info that we have never seen before.
  • Video-on-demand service
  • Freeview TV features
  • What do you guys think?

    Sony draws up Leipzig battle lines

    • Sporty

      Reeves gave a major hint at e3 that

      “something really special would be coming for PS3 at this year’s Leipzig”

      “Possibly a peripheral.”;title;0

    • Lol, I had a friend post this photo I made on NeoGAF and some guys gave the clown color 😀

    • MetalProxy

      Haha cool, I see the “Sony Storm” is finally coming to a theater near you!… Keep bringing out the goods sony! Neat picture but I liked it better when you had to figure out the image. Im sure half the people that seen that didnt know what was going on.

    • Burten

      Guess that the new RumbleController will be shown. And wheres Afrika?!!?

      A more sure guess (than Afrika) will be an upgrade for PSN with new layout, movies, tvshows, and VOD..
      And for the stuff we never seen before… Think only time will tell, cause the PS-babbel these days are just insane!

      (Still waiting for the MinorityReportController “everybody” talked about 3 years ago 😉 )

      Nice pic!

    • Since we’re speculating. And I’ve got 5 hours 32 minutes before I pick up HP and the deadly hallows. Watch out kids I’m pushing you aside.

      Anyways. I think that they’ll introduce
      40 gig PS3
      80 gig PS3
      Show the new rumble controller.
      Pack in the Euro 2008 football ( soccer for us in NA) 2 new rumble controllers
      And show the new wiimote rip off controller
      Dark Cloud 3
      Singstar, singstar, singstar, and the whole downloadable store that comes with it.
      Movies galore.

    • Meh, I cannot go to Leipzig this year, it is in the middle of my exams time (I write Technical Mechanics on the following monday 🙁 )…

      But don’t be surprised, if nothing happens. The GC is not big!

    • Darrin

      I’m really shocked they have more surprises to show.

      I was sure that they played all their cards at GDC, Gamer’s Day, E3, and PlayStation Premier.

      BTW, nice pic Tosh