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RIP Devil May Cry |

The day has finally come. Devil May Cry is no longer my favourite game in the ‘Stylish Action’ genre (as it is labelled). Ninja Gaiden Sigma has came along and smashed DMC with an unstoppable Ninpo attack that it may never recover from.

What’s so great about NGS? The combat is quite frankly fantastic. I haven’t had this much fun with an action game since DMC but this surpasses it with the incredible smoothness of Ryu’s actions and the fact that every battle is in your control. You live and die (literally) by how good you are at countering attacks and maneuvering Ryu around the battlefield, using your surroundings to your advantage.

He handles like a dream and cutting down Ninja after Ninja has never felt or looked so great. The way the enemies react and fall to the ground after you’ve sliced them is straight out of an Akira Kurosawa movie. By that I mean realistic. 😉 Probably not the best analogy to use but whatever.

Visually the game isn’t stunning but it looks very nice in 1080p on my new 40″ 1080p HDTV ( 8) ) and there’s no framerate issues. Everything runs silky smooth, including the absolutely mental battles.

The camera could be improved though. It’s controllable via the right stick but too many times it gets stuck facing in the wrong direction, which can get frustrating when you’re trying to slice up some enemies while trying to get the camera facing in the right direction. It doesn’t spoil the game but it’s a minor annoyance all the same.

I also like the fact you can have the language in Japanese with English subtitles. It adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game.

I haven’t played Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Gaiden Black before but just like DMC, the series has a reputation for being “hard”. I’m only playing it on Normal but I haven’t had too many problems progressing or dispatching enemies. Maybe it gets a lot harder later in the game but so far nothing too problematic.

Devil May Cry 4 has a lot of work to do to re-take it’s throne of King of the Stylish Action genre.

  • Bilzac

    I kinda lost respect for Capcom this past yr. First the loyalty thing…they seem to prefer Xbox360 users over Sony who are the reason Capcom is there. Resident Evil and DMC all started on Playstation and if it were not for playstation they wouldn’t have been big hits. They’re excuse for their “multiplatforming” DMC was that they wanted more people to enjoy their games. Ok i understand but why do the xbox 360 users get to enjoy our exclusives? What abt us getting some dead rising and Lost planet?

  • Gary, don’t wanna disappoint you, but NGS does not run in 1080p natively. It’s basically an upscaled 720p version. Reduce the res of your PS3 to 720p max and check out the game once more. No difference. Beside that I would agree, the game is great.

  • Keith Andrew

    Bilzac – quite simply, because the PS3 doesn’t have a big enough userbase. The architecture of the 360 is so different to the PS3 that it would cost Capcom more to port it over than the money they would make from PS3 sales.

    It’s because of business, not fanboyism that these decisions are taken.

  • Knighthawk

    They are done with the PS3 version, they are not porting it over to the 360, so you make no sence to me! It’s being ported from PS3 to the 360, got it?

  • Dartmerc

    Keith Andrew – and thats the point exactly. Capcom should give something back to the loyal Playstation users. The key is in the phrase ‘give something back’, rather then exploit the system when it begins to make financial sense for them.
    Got into the demo of this one a while back, seems like a whole lot of fun. And when I read the title of the post I had some bad feeling that you were going to say DMC was going xbox exclusive!.. Glad it isnt.

  • Dartmerc

    Knighthawk – Keith Andrew was talking about Capcom and DMC, not whoever (ninja theory?) and NGS.
    Maybe porting between last gen consoles and PS3 is easier, maybe they wanted some experience with the PS3 hardware, who knows.

  • Bilzac

    Keith Andrew – The architecture of the 360 is so different to the PS3 that it would cost Capcom more to port it over than the money they would make from PS3 sales.

    Well yeah , i guess thats true but what abt the new Lost planet games…will they appear on the ps3? or dead risiing…

  • Wow, there are a few moaning fanboys posting comments here, Bilzac I’m looking at you. Life isn’t fair, deal with it. Capcom are a business, making money is their one goal, which they do by making quality games, they owe you absolutly nothing.

    If you want to play their games so badly then quit the fanboyism and buy a f*cking Xbox 360 too.

  • Bilzac

    Rich -If you want to play their games so badly then quit the fanboyism and buy a f*cking Xbox 360 too.

    OUUCH!!!….lol 😛 call me a fanboy lol…after “investing” in the pstriple i was hoping these few games came to the ps3 lol..wtv is there anyway i can become a member here?

  • It’s a shame how any topic about DMC gets turned into a I-Hate-Capcom(ps3 fans) & Take-that-Sony( Xbox fans) nowadays.

    I really don’t think Capcom’s decision to go multi with DMC4 had anything to do with install base seeing as how Konami os trying to force Kojima into putting MGS4 on the 360, something HE refuses to do. ( But Komani will port in on their own eventually)
    Then there’s Square Enix who recently stated in an interview in EGM that they want to honor their relationship with Sony, that’s why they have no plans as of now to pport FFXIII on the 360. Japanese companies like Capcom and Sega have all stated that they want to target American audiances. What better way to do that than putting some of their big name games on an American console? This may explain why so many people, including the Executive Producer of DMC, have left Capcom because to some Japanese honor is important.

    As for Gary, I played the original Ninja Gaiden for the XBox and I’ve played Sigma and all I have to say is that there is no way in Hell that those games are better than Devil May Cry. Dante owns Ryu!

  • Scarface

    Hell yeah fleakitten I had bought NGS and gave it back to the shop it was a little fun but not as fun as DMC, NGS was boring when it came to storie of the game but DMC was more like a movie I just wanted to watch it over and over again and play it again and again too wich I did. I and and most people here would be very dissapointed if DMC came out to xbox360.

  • Gary

    Sorry, Fleakitten and Scarface but as a huge DMC fanboy, NGS is a far more fluid experience than DMC or DMC3. DMC remains one of my favourite games of all time but NGS’s combat is more fluid.

    If they remade DMC for the PS3 and upped the FPS and gave it the next gen touch then my opinion would change.

  • MetalProxy

    RIP Devil May Cry, your stories are weak and the one liners are lame. The only thing going for the game is the infanite ammo.
    And “Rich” you are getting on my nerves with your statement. If you cant stand the fanboys than leave. I though this was a sony site not a xbox site.

  • MP. this being a ‘Sony’ site is no excuse for fanboyism. Other 1 platform only sites manage it.

  • You guys will be singing a different tune when DMC4 comes out. 😛

  • Gary

    Woah, MetalProxy! DMC may not be my favourite action game anymore but it’s still one of my favourite series (in my top 3 favourite games of all time) so step off with the DMC hate, please. 😛