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PS3 FW 1.90 Hits Japan, the rest of the world tomorrow [Update] |

As usual Japan always gets the good stuff first, lol. Here is what the update includes:

  • Games on the XMB can now be sorted
  • Customization options for the wallpaper in the cross media bar (XMB) and fonts
  • Inclusion of “eject disk” on the option menu
  • BD/DVD setting now provides an option for 24Hz output over HDMI
  • CD music output also has new options for output frequency: 44.1, 88.2, and 176.4 kHz
  • Output settings will be available for PSOne and PS2 games.
  • Bookmarks can now be added
  • Browser Security will be added to the tools of the PS3 internet browser
  • Video settings can be changed in-game
  • Music settings now include “Bit Mapping”
  • Emoticons and avatars are included in the chat, avatars move in reaction to audio in AV chat
  • AVCHD type animated pictures can be saved from Memory Sticks
  • Attach a USB keyboard and chat with friends

Wow, that’s quite a update! Wallpaper at last, I’ve been waiting for that option. Wonder how many different fonts you can choose from. I like that you can organize the games in the XMB, but what about the music, videos and photos? I want to be able to make folders to put them in. There are a lot of videos on my PS3. The PSP can do it, why not the PS3? But I’m sure that will come with time. I’m curious to see how the Avatar moves during audio visual chat.

Firmware Update: PS3 FW 1.90 goes live in Japan, lots of changes made


The update for North America will be out later this week according to the PlayStation Blog.

  • Bilzac

    Wohooo…lol…”fanboy” here…i was waiting for that XMB backgrounds thing for so long. Pretty happy…now just onestep closer to 2.0 with in-game XMB access. I heard this firmware update will hit europe tom…and heavenly sword demo confirmed for thursday!!!

  • Nice. Though personally I don’t care much about wallpaper. I’d rather have the ability to create and manage folders.

  • If your into wallpapers check out this huge list.

  • Ya, an ability to have different folders in my games column would be really nice. I have tooooo many games there (shared many with a friend of mine^^)

    Can our non jp PS3s stomach the japanese firmwares? Up until now, every PSP update I made was either jp or us origin^^ (and the EU fws of the PS3 had the same MD5 like the jp ones).

  • Gary

    Emoticons are a nice touch as are customisable wallpapers. I’d still like customisable avatars though.

    The rest I don’t really care about.

  • MetalProxy

    Tomarrow? thats a strange day to have it. Finally able to change Wallpaper!! And I like how I can chat with the keyboard incase there are headset problems (happens ALL the time). I like all the new goodies…only a few missing elements.