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Top 5 PS3 Firmware Wishlist – 25jul07 Edition |

We’ve had several firmware updates since we talked about what we want in our PS3 firmware updates. People finally have their PS3 backgrounds wallpapered up with chicks, cars, or whatnot. We have some good PSP to PS3 functionality happening, and our PS3 is media-serving like crazy now with DLNA (though not without issues). So I thought it was about time I did another “what I want” post. Here’s my top 5 items that I want to see in a PS3 firmware update, as of 25jul07, in order of importance:

  1. Reduced memory footprint.
    Surprised to see this one? Think about it. The PS3’s OS takes up 84MB of the 512MB available, as of firmware 1.6 according to Inner Bits. It’ll take up even more if you want some special features. (7MB for onscreen keyboard, 5MB for i/o utilities, 8MB for online start-up, 24MB for NP friends list, etc.) Compared to the 360’s 32MB memory footprint, PS3 developers are at a huge disadvantage. That’s a 52MB difference (or more, with special features), in case you weren’t counting. That’s a lot of computer code right there. If Sony can give that back to developers, that would make a big difference in game quality. We all know it’s all about the games, and this will directly help developers create better ones. If Inner Bits’ information is incorrect, I’ll have to retract this one and think up a new one. 🙂
  2. XMB in-game access.
    Anybody who’s actually used a PS3 knew that this one would be here. It’s the one that everyone is clamouring for. Sony is quite aware that we all want this and is working on it, so I won’t bang my table too loudly.
  3. Custom soundtracks.
    To some people, this isn’t very important. I have a 360-owning friend who makes no use of this feature whatsoever. That’s just crazy! The first thing I would do if I had a 360 is rip some of my favourite tunes so that I didn’t have to listen to the crap they pack in games these days.
  4. Better codec support.
    The PS3 is in desperate need of better video codecs. I don’t think I really need to say more, do I?
  5. Better file management.
    I saw that in firmware 1.9 I’d finally be able to sort my games. Yay! Except… what the heck? I can only sort by creation date and format? I want to be able to put stuff in any arbitrary order, and put stuff in folders I create too!

There it is! Debate it, change it, add to it.

  • Nick

    Reduced memory footprint.
    Not likely. Would have to rebuild the OS from the ground up again…and taking into account they are constantly updating it, it seems rather unlikely.

    XMB in-game access.

    Custom soundtracks.
    Not as crucial, but yes.

    Better codec support.
    Man im sure everyone who owns a PS3 is tired of transcoding, reencoding, converting.

    Better file management.
    IMO, this is the most necessary update, and on the surface, it would appear to be the less difficult to implement. Whats taking SONY so long to do this? My video list is now so long, I take a few seconds to go from one end to the other.

    Not very user friendly.

  • I wonder if the memory footprint has anything to do with home ….. but regardless I agree it should be much less than what it is now. Give us folders sony, lol. The PSP have been able to do this for a long time, why not the PS3??

  • ehandlr

    Folders is something I definetly want. I have way too many video’s.

    Codec support bothered me at first, but then I realized that playing most DIVX on a big screen would look choppy and horrid. I much prefer upconverting it to a MPEG-4AVC 480p or so at least.

  • PSN ID=LifEndz

    Can I get a custom online avatar? I mean…c’mon already

  • ehandlr

    Yea an online avatar would be nice.

    In-game XMB access confirmed by Sony in next major update

  • HachiRoku

    I don’t think the memory footprint thing is that big of a deal; certainly not a show-stopper. The fact that the PS3 can utilize Virtual Memory will help this a great deal.

    Personally, I don’t think playing your own soundtrack in-game that huge of a deal. Game companies invest a lot of money into putting in the right songs to convey the right ‘feel’ to the game. If you want to hear Guns n’ Roses whilst playing Super Rub-a-Dub, that’s your business. But, like I said, I’m not losing sleep over not having that choice.

    In-game XMB might be alright. I couldn’t really tell you without having effective use of it in any current PS3 game. So you’re playing Heavenly Sword, and you want to go into the XMB to do what? See which friends are on? Cause if they are on, they will already see that you are playing Heavenly Sword. Or perhaps you go into the XMB to surf the Net to view a walkthrough. You *could* walk over to your PC to do this. So, I’m not really seeing how super uber-import in-game XMB is, right at this moment…

    Better Codec support. Oh yeah!!!

    Better File Management: Would be nice, but not a biggie. I’m certain it will arrive sooner or later.

  • ehandlr: To be fair, I don’t think that it was confirmed to be in the next major update. Sony only said that they’re working on it.

  • What’s your top-5 list, HachiRoku?

  • ehandlr

    Your correct Henning. I was going by PSU’s comments..not Sony’s. I think PSU jumped the gun. But confirmed that it is happening at least.

  • Oh, one thing that I would like to see improved is the Web Browser.

    I tried looking at all the XMB Wallpapers out there now. And the browser can’t even pull up the full rez photo ….. that’s just sad. Browser need work.

  • Mauro

    XMB access is needed but i’d like to ask for something else.

    First the ability to play videos sequentially or with a playlist, i want to split me videos in smaller chunks so i can resume viewing whitout forwarding endlessly to the part i was watching previously.
    The second is more codec support and container support, like mkv.

    And please but please do make it read the subtitles tracks from mp4 and other containers, this is so important for we (portuguese and other countrys who usually need this).

  • Anon

    Don’t believe the numbers from InnerBits.

    For example, the PS3 keyboard is the exact same as the PSP keyboard. Any reasonable person should be able to conclude that you cannot use 7MB of RAM for a keyboard if your device only has 32MB of RAM.

    Ditto the networking libraries. They are very similar across the PS3 and PSP.

    The InnerBits numbers are wrong.

  • Rjcc

    yeah, cutom soundtracks are one of my most wanted. It’s silliness, I have a 360 that won’t let me copy songs to the hard drive from network sources or mp3 players, but has custom soundtracks, and a ps3 that has no problem with copying songs to the hard drive from anywhere, but I can only play them if I’m not doing ANYTHING ELSE with the console.

    asinine on both parts.

  • Well, anything useful at least. 🙂 You can look at pictures or browse the web while music is playing…

  • HachiRoku

    Good question, Henning. My top-5 wish list?
    Couldn’t really say, off hand. I can think of only ONE that really stands out.

    #1 – more Codec support!!!
    Before my Xbox1 barfed with a flashing red light of death, I would always use XBMC to view all my Anime, movies, videos, etc. It was sweet! I with the PS3 would have the same kind of functionality. It would also be better to utilize a Samba connection, rather than whatever DLNA does. The movie player in XBMC was mplayer, which is a solid Linux video viewer. I would decode and read *everything*.
    I’m guessing things like RealPlayer, MOV, and AVI are licensed by someone, so there would be a fee involved. I would not have any problems paying a small fee for these special Codecs.

    #2 – Global Chat
    I would love to be able to see that a friend has logged on, and I could just choose to talk to them. Even if they are already in a game, as long as they have a setting enabled, we could chat, as if I phoned him on the cell phone. That would be slick.

    #3 – Buddy List sort
    Eventually, I’m going to have a decent list of buddies, so there needs to some sort of organization. Currently, each buddy takes up so much real estate, that if a person had maybe 20 or 30 buddies, it would be pretty hard to scroll through first to last to see everyone.

    #4 – 1080p Upscaling
    Not that I have a 1080p TV or HDMI, for that matter… But eventually, when I do get one, I hope to be able to view everything in full HD glory.

    #5 – Multi-chat with Video
    Right now, you can only chat with a single person at a time from the XMB menu. I hope, in the future, they can allow for multiple people to get together for a group chat. And optionally, allow for the PS Eye to act as a video camera for video chatting.

    So, that’s my top-5. I’m really just hoping for #1…. the other 4 were kinda my *wants*, but not necessarily absolutely needed.

  • Matt

    The music thing on the 360 is a huge benefit. I love hooking my Ipod into it and playing my music while playing games (especially racers). Playing music over the usually crappy EA soundtracks is huge.

    If the memory footprint is that big that is a problem. All I know is the smaller the better.

    The 360 does have a lot of features I would like to see on the PS3. Give them time and they should be able to put the majority on through updates.

    Any update is great news. Even though I might not enjoy/use it, I am sure there are millions of people who are dying for it.

  • 1, Better Browser. Fully web compliant. The one they have now is rather shoddy and slow. Online is the future so should Sony’s Browser.

    2. Better online store. It needs an overhaul from top to bottom.

    3. Video Wallpaper. I love the fact that I can use my own picture. But let me add the plasma effect to it as well. I’d love the globe from [email protected] to be rotating in the background with all of my friends global positions shown in bright lights. A visual clue as to how many of your friends are online, with different coloured lights would be amazing.

    4. Codecs for video. I can not agree more. Since the beginning i’ve tried to play video on my PS3. i even have a webpage up showing how to get files from your Mac to the PS3. But lately I’ve been using eyeconnect. meh, it’s barely passable. And I don’t want to reconvert all of my videos. Come on Sony make this the media beast that it can be.

    5. Custom avatars. great first step. Custom Animated avatars. Now that’s cool. I’d love to have a little running Ratchet or a snarling cyclops from GOW. I’d pay for those.

  • 1: Full XMB access no matter what I’m doing

    2: Better web browser.

    3: Customisable soundtracks but isn’t that not down to the developers more than a firmware update?

    4: Custom avatars. Give me Goku!!!

    That’s all I’m bothered about at the minute but how come there’s no emoticons even though the Japanese have them via the 1.90 update? Do you NA have them?

  • Habs9

    Provide aspect ratio scaling support from blu-ray 1080p content so that it can work with 2:35 to 1 Constant Image Height setups for watching blu-ray and video. This maybe sort of niche but relates to high-end movie experience of blu-ray as is something available in an HTPC or some quality DVD players.

    Good job Sony so far on DVD upscaling etc and PSP to PS3 functionality.

  • Carl

    I would like to have status options on the buddy list so I could say I was away/busy.

    Custom avatars too.

    The web browser needs to be improved. Does it handle java?

  • HachiRoku

    I think there is a setting for your Available/Unavailable status on there. Just highlight your own avatar, then press Triangle. You should see the options.

  • Rjcc

    oh one more thing, although not really a firmware update: DEMOS FOR PSN GAMES. xbox live has demos of every xbla release. why is it I have to buy super stardust hd sight unseen? I’ve heard its worth the $10, but hey, I’d rather play a level first. I’d ask my friends, but none of them have a ps3, and I’m pretty sure its not on a kiosk anywhere. the lack of demos is just a silly thing and easily remedied.

  • as others have said:

    folders! folders! folders!

  • gmontalc

    I do not really understand why people request useless upgrades on such an excellent console. instead of asking for example… – Terra Soft Solutions is the company which has develop this type of Linux software specific for the PlayStation 3. Yellow Dog Linux is a software environment look alike Windows, it has web browser, applications, such as multimedia player, games and all goodies that Windows has. Having said that, Sony Entertaiment releases bit by bit useless pieces of “Updates”. It is a shame that such of an excellent gaming Console has to confort with little performance. I would like to converse to all PS3 user interested on Yellow Dog Linux for the PS3 to contact Sony Playstation Customer Department and request Yellow Dog Linux, so if they receive overwhelming requests then we all will be benefit of. (the contact phone numbers and emails are in the documentation manuals)
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  • I’m guessing because we all already have PC’s that can run Linux. The PS3 is an excellent game console, and we want to use it as such.