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New Rockstar Games Franchise PS3 Exclusive |

Lots of people are upset that PS3 users are getting left out in the cold when it comes to exclusive content for GTA IV. As you know, the 360 version will get exclusive content, bought by Microsoft, that the PS3 version will not. Now, PS3 will get its own content in the form of a brand new game from Rockstar!

This is Michael Shorrock. I’m the Director of 3rd Party Relations at SCEA. As you may have seen this morning/last night on GameHead with Geoff Keighley, we are announcing that a new franchise from Rockstar Games will be exclusive to PS3. As part of our long standing relationship with Rockstar, and the incredible success for both companies with the cultural icon that is Grand Theft Auto, we’ve agreed to the PlayStation exclusive rights of the next great franchise from the Rockstar studios.

Everyone knows to have success in this business you need to look ahead, identifying the talent and titles that are going to give consumers new kinds of gaming experiences that help set the bar for the rest of the industry. Rockstar has a heritage for doing just that. We have had incredible success with the GTA franchise and are happy to continue to offer those titles on our platforms, and even more excited about what’s to come from the current and future relationship between our companies. Rockstar really wanted to make a game that you can truly only do on PS3, harnessing the power of CELL and Blu-ray disc and this deal lets them do just that.. This is really a win-win situation for both companies. As Jack mentioned in the interview with Geoff, this franchise is not LA Noire, but something all new. We agreed with Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive Software that we wouldn’t disclose anything more about the deal or title at this time, so stay tuned, we’ll share more info as soon as we can.

So we know it’s not LA Noire, but that’s all we know. Details are forthcoming, but we don’t know when. So I guess this starts the waiting game…

New Rockstar Games Franchise Exclusive to the PS3

  • manlord

    What about the western game they showed a trailer for at E3 2005?

  • ehandlr says something entirely different then what we have seen.

  • Darrin

    Awesome! That is what I wanted to hear.

    GTA4 is still my most anticipated game this year.

    Honestly, this really makes sense. This is why Sony was so calm and patient while the headlines screamed about 360 exclusive content on GTA4.

  • ehandlr

    Yup..They get 2 hours of extra content for about 20 bucks, we get a whole new game.

  • I don’t think to ehandlr^^ 50mil bucks is nothing to sneeze at! (at $10 US, they would need to sell 5 million units to break even). This content will be pretty big. (But I couldn’t care less, I am still not sold on DLC, not at all)

    Hmm… I like it, because this also makes Rockstar comfortable with developing for the PS3 (using the RAGE), so the GTA games following GTA4 will surely profit from it (GTA4 too, although a bit late).

    Based on their older repertoire, it’ll be either a third person shooter (Sony already has enough of these), a fighting game (a la Final Fight, a dieing genre) or an arcadey racing game (nearly nonexistant in Sonys first party)…

    My bet goes to an arcadey racing game 😀

  • Burten

    @ Manlord:
    That would be cool.. Grand Theft Horses!

  • ehandlr

    Rockstar did state “hours” of extra content. Inside sources compared it to GTA:LCS, however they didn’t specifiy if it would compare to the missions from GTA:LCS or the whole game.

  • Sporty

    I’m probably going to get the PS3 version of GTA4 even though I have a 360 since the extra content isn’t going to see the light of day for more then a half a year after I beat the game. That’s enough time for my 360 to die.

    Its cool that Sony has gotten aggressive on third party exclusives. Deals like this Epic, Ubisoft show they are fighting back. Plus the brilliant way they are signing up tons of small indie studios.

  • awesome, awesome news.

    i think sony’s focus on new IP for this generation is the right approach for the long-term. let microsoft have their dlc exclusive; sony will get the next big rockstar hit.

  • whaaaaa I just cant take it any more…. I have gta4 colletors paid for … can I get it already ………..