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Bad Omen for Lair |

Some early review scores:

EGM: 6.0, 5.5, 5.0 out of 10
Play: 9.0 out of 10
GAMEPRO: 3.75/5 (7.5 out of 10)

That’s not a good sign. That Play score is good, but I’ve never even heard of Play. I wouldn’t be surprised if that EGM score is a little low since they did give low scores to other big name PS3 exclusives such as Resistance and Motorstorm (85 and 75 respectively), but now I’m expecting a 7.5 game, where before I was expecting an 8.5+.

I’m honestly disappointed that this would score so much lower than Level 5’s Rogue Squadron games. The flight effects still look amazing and the orchestral soundtrack sounds spectacular. I wonder if there were some serious game flaws (in a similar vein to The Getaway).

Obviously, I’m still waiting on more review scores, and ultimately, my own actual impressions when I finally get the chance to play it.

Edit by Gary: I thought you might be interested in this cool Lair video, taken from Sony’s presentation in Taipie:

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  • Why be disappointed? I say, wait to review/play it for yourselves. 😉

  • Pc

    This game will kick ass no matter what those guys say !!!!!

  • Pc

    btw Henning, I’m still waiting for some kind of response or something so i can use the live shoutbox again.

  • James

    dont knock it til you try it though. should at least be worthy of a rent. there have been plenty of games that scored low by reviewers, but are still great and enjoyable (I still think the first Killzone was awesome). I mean, look at all of its review scores: LINK

    NTSC UK (whoever that is) gave it a 3/10 lol

  • Darrin

    I agree: don’t knock it until you try it, why be disappointed until you play it, etc…

    Heck, Manhunt is one of my all time favorite games and EGM/1UP gave that a 5.0/10.

    I hope this turns out to be one of those cases, but I usually end up agreeing with most bad reviews. We shall see…

  • Mike

    Yeah, these days you should at least play a demo before deciding. Though I will caution that PLAY magazine scores almost everything too highly. I think they gave Sonic Heroes a 9 as well.

  • derrickgott007

    Keep in mind people, most people are judging LAIR based on visuals alone…..And we all know that visuals aren’t everything. Like the old saying goes, you can put a shine on shit, but its still shit. Gameplay trumps graphics any day.

  • Bilzac

    Actually no one has confirmed the EGM scores as the magazine has another 8-9 days to come out. The person who posted the low scores by EGM is supposed to be faking coz the time at which he had posted it the subscribed users didnt even receive the latest EGM issue ( Note, that subscribed users receive it 7 days earlier to the retail version)

  • MetalProxy

    Play is one of my favorite mag’s (has anime and games) so I will tend to agree with them. EGm is getting lame, there are to many xbots writing for that mag. Still going to buy the game regardless!

  • HudsonDaly

    It’s TAIPEI, not TAIPIE. A city far far away in Asia, where the tallest building EGM has known to be PS3 haters so I don’t see why people are panicking over it. However, I don’t see why this game is so hyped anyway, a guy riding on a dragon flying around slaying bad guys? Are people simply judging it by its visuals? Or is it because it’s another PS3 exclusive that some fanboys worship?

    And yes, it is foolish to say that you’ll get the game regardless, I’d say wait for more “unbiased” reviews from GameSpot and IGN before spending $60, that’s the SMART way to make sure you get the most out of a game without feeling betrayed.

  • Bilzac

    EDGE Magazine gave it a 9.0/10 and they are really harsh.. they gave rainbow six vegas a 7 and gears of war 8

  • ehandlr

    Gamezone 9/10 also

  • Gibb

    It seems that those EGM ratings were fake.. better wait until the latest issue is released before jumping to conclusions.

  • ehandlr

    Someone posted a scan of the EGM ratings already.

  • Sporty

    Yea EGM was real score. but that doesn’t mean jack really.

    Ziff Davis has gone to judging PS3 games based on the system more then the games themselves. With things like “Buy this game if you want to justify thousands of dollars on PS3 and HDTV” Unresponsive, feels like your in a cave” etc. When other places give it a 9/10. Kinda bring their reviews in question. These are the same idiots that run 1UP. Saying an 360 Elite with HD-DVD and one year of Live costs less then a PS3. When they were using $120 HDMI cables and $100 headsets to drive up the PS3 costs and justify their article.

    I hate flight games in general so unless the demo blows me away I wont buy this regardless of reviews.

    Warhawk is differant though, I played that and it’s a must buy for me.