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New Blu-ray movies for the week 7/30/07 |

At last 300 hits Blu-ray! Reviews for the Blu-ray video and audio has been great. So go get it! There are some other movies on Blu-ray this week, but not as great as 300 🙂

Here are the other movies on Blu-ray this week:

Blue Planet (IMAX)
Roving Mars (IMAX)

For a full list of Blu-ray movies available, click here.

Buy 300 at
Buy Shooter at
Buy Blue Planet at
Buy Roving Mars at

  • MetalProxy

    Spartans Prepair for Glory!

  • John

    Half-naked oiled muscular men supercharged with testosterone and amphetamines playing a cinematographic videogame? Thanks, but I’ll pass.

  • HudsonDaly

    I heard the HD-DVD has more content than the blu ray version, kind of ironic.

  • Darrin

    300 made an awesome NIN music video and a terrible movie. Every single cool scene from the movie is in the ~90 second trailer. The rest of the move is junk.

  • MetalProxy

    The HD-DVD version came with the regular DVD also for 35.00 bucks= stupid. Yea the trialer showed way to much of the movie, it was hard to enjoy.

  • ehandlr

    I enjoyed the movie nonetheless. The trailer did show all of the best parts but who cares, I’ll buy this.

    The HD-DVD does come with more features, however there is an insider rumour that they plan on double-dipping the Blu-ray version by releasing an “extended, directors cut, special edition, cut scene, unrated” version or something.

    However if Amazon is any telltale sign of who will sell more.

    Blu-ray – 9 left in stock
    HD-DVD – 2725 in stock

    according to

  • hey darrin … any limk or info on video ?

  • ehandlr

    hrmm..I tried to buy the blu-ray version last night at Ciruit City here in Delaware and they were sold out.