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DVR capabilities & Digital Tuner coming to the PS3 by March 2008 |

Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand boss Warwick Light told the press that sony is hoping to release a digital tuner for the PLAYSTATION 3, turning it into a DVR by first quarter of 2008. It should be launching with the New Zealand launch of Freeview, which is already available in the UK.

Man I would love this add-on, but I would want a bigger hard drive, lol. I would assume that the digital tuner would just be added via USB. Maybe more will be revealed at the Games Convention later this month.

The future according to Sony

  • I wonder if it’ll be able to handle HD?

    Unfortunately, this won’t be a solution for me. In Canada, the government doesn’t care about CableCARD, so we are locked in to using our cable provider’s STB’s. 🙁

  • Rjcc

    I don’t really see the benefit here, unless its going to be able to be a dvr in the background, would I have to choose between during Lost and playing a game?

    the whole point of having a dvr is that I don’t have to choose.

    maybe for people who don’t have any dvr’s available in their market this makes sense, but I don’t see it

  • tony

    is the us ps3 a dvr

  • Sadly it is not. Europe gets it though.

    Only way to do it in North America is to install linux.