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Killzone 2 Beta Starting Soon? [Update: False] |

I got a message from one of my buddies on the PS3. And he sent me these photos. He hasn’t got into the Beta though. Has anybody else got something like this? And if there is a sign up for it, count me in!

Has Sony set up Beta account on the PSN for Beta invites? I’ll keep you updated if I hear any more.

[Update: Sorry this looks like a fake, oh well]

  • Teexxx

    Hey man…I’m not sure but last month I saw a topic concerning the same thing…And after a few days was notified that this message was a ‘joke’ made by a PSN user and the account from which the message was sent got banned…So this time I hope is not a brand new joke! LOL

  • manlord

    I don’t think they would use the PS3 message system to send out messages like these. Probably bogus.

  • The Wahawk beta was in June for an end of August release. If Killzone is similar, this timing doesn’t match up.

  • this was a fake, LONG long ago… don’t bother with it!

  • I’ve never heard of it, glad somebody out there knows something about this, lol. Oh well, at least now we now it’s fake.