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Is Resident Evil 5 Ethnically Offensive |

Resident Evil 5

On one hand, I seriously doubt that the creators have even a shred of racist intention. Was Resident Evil 4 offensive to Spanish people? Of course not. The possessed non-zombies in this game just happen to be black for this title.

On the other hand, seeing the all-black demonic creatures was visually shocking. Almost everyone who saw the trailer commented on the unusual use of ethnicity.


Blackface Goes HD?

  • derrickgott007

    Black people are now in the same boat as white people for getting their feelings hurt……I guess its time for me to complain now because for years all we’ve been killing in games are white people…… looks like its time to hand out FUBU skirts to all those black crybabys with their easily hurt feelings.

  • Billy Lo

    They shouldn’t be because this game isn’t developed by white people. from the looks of it, it looks like it takes place in Africa, so why should there be any other type of race there? It’s not like this game is about some white guy going to Africa and just blowing away some black dudes. They’ve obviously made it clear that these enemies are somewhat possessed or drugged or something along those lines. If this game took place in Japan, Japanese people wouldn’t get offended. I know a Spanish guy and RE4 is his favorite game of all time. I think that black people take racism way too seriously. This is pretty much proof. RE1 through RE3 we were killing white zombies (no one is offended). RE4 we were killing possessed Spanish people (no one offended) RE5 killing possessed black people (people are offended) What makes black people so special?

  • Mike

    At some point people have to realize that the human enemies in games have to be more than just Nazis. If the game takes place in an area populated by black people, than it would make sense that the infected/victims/enemies are black.

    I doubt those are even the primary adversaries in the game. If it is like RE4 but with Africans (or Haitians) replacing Spanish people than it’s going to be awfully redundant.

    And how was anyone “egregiously misrepresented” in Black Hawk Down? Does the reality of what occurs in some places fly over people’s heads? Would people be offended by a game where you had to protect Sudanese refugees by… gasp… shooting non-whites?

    The political correctness being applied to games is really outmoded.

  • James

    People take ethnicity and political correctnessway out of hand nowadays. I’m tired of the people crying foul every time a certain race or culture was “targeted” in some form of media. Maybe it is about time people pulled their heads out of their asses and realise that race and culture isn’t as big an issue as it was, let’s say, 40 years ago. No one has a problem with whitey being killed in a video game, but as soon as a crazed lunatic black person was klilled in a video game, all at a sudden, it’s racial discrimination or some shit. Slavery is over and black people have just as many rights as white people, if not, more. I don’t want to get into the whole affirmative action thing. If you’re qualified for a job, you’ll get it. The color of your skin should not be a deciding factor on whether or not you either get a job.

    Sorry, got into a little rant there. I’ve just had it with all these equal rights groups parading themselves on the media for their own personal gain. We all have the same rights anyway.

  • ShockFly

    I haven’t seen the trailer yet, but why is it such a big deal the zombies are black this time? I mean, WWII games make you shoot Germans and is therefor also pro-Jewish in a way. But why? Germans aren’t nazis anymore nowadays (keep aside the few neo-nazis). But I don’t see anyone complaining about that.

    Slavery and racism isn’t of this time anymore, no matter where your spot on the world map is, we all live in a multi cultural community. So what’s the big fuss about? I, for instance, live in The Netherlands and about a third of the people I see/meet during the day aren’t Dutch. These people come from everywhere, the most are either North African (Morocco for instance) or black (Suriname mostly). So why need I be shocked or in any way uncomfortable with black people as zombies in RE5?

    So what if ALL the zombies would be white? Wouldn’t that be racist and unethical too in the way the all black zombies are (according to some)? Of course not.

    Maybe it’s because I’m black, from Suriname and people accept me as I am? Bacause if we go a little back into history, you can see Suriname was a Dutch colony and used Surinams as slaves. That is however, way back into time, so Dutch and Surinams are treated as equals both in Suriname and The Netherlands. Maybe that’s because we think a little bit different than predominantly white countries. I don’t know, all I know is that it’s stupid to even think about it being racism or unethical. Just accept the fact we are citizens of the world, we come in different colours and we all have different beliefs. In the end we’re all the same.

  • I can see why people might see this as an issue but I really can’t see why humans can’t get over it. This whole issue really shows that the human race isn’t as advanced and above other animals as it thinks it is.

  • Sporty

    It’s Black Hawk Down all over again.

    I’m still waiting for Tom Cruise to complain about Resistance portraying aliens in a bad light

  • Thats funny sporty

  • WTF? This game isn’t even made by white people! I could maybe see it as a little racist if it was, but it’s not, it’s a Japanese developed game. And besides. The trailer shows only one part of the game. I’m pretty sure later in the game or in some different areas, the enemies aren’t all black. They can cry all they want, but it won’t change a thing. They have no control over what the Japanese put in their games. I swear, I’m so sick of this white vs. black thing. It’ll never end.

  • Mike

    Well to be fair, just because it isn’t developed by a white people doesn’t it couldn’t be racist. There are a fair bit of ethnic tensions in Japan and people who aren’t from there can be treated differently from what I’ve heard.

    But that has no bearing on the game at all. What is really dumb in all this is that the game is probably so far off that we don’t know if the final product will be exactly like this. Remember how Resident Evil 4 used to be about a black mist that took control of inanimate objects?

    At least wait until the damn thing comes out before saying its “racist.” For all we know Chris Redfield dies 30 minutes into the game and you could start playing as a new character that is black and acts heroically.

    And even if the ENTIRE game is like the video, the people are acting like “monsters” because it will have something to do with a virus. Is that really as bad as GTA San Andreas, where as a black character, you can run over and shoot random black people in perpetuity, even after the game has ended?

    The amount of crying over a game that is probably 18 to 24 months away and is known for featuring humans infected by some type of virus or parasite and crazy monsters is hysterical.

    Is PETA going to get involved next if you can shoot elephants and lions that are infected too?

  • Darrin

    Calm down guys. I haven’t seen anyone threaten any kind of regulatory action. No one is banning this or accusing the creators of racism. This is just a chat.

    But I do have very close black friends who were legitimately offended when I showed them the trailer. And they really aren’t the types that are overly sensitive about race issues at all. Even when I saw the trailer (I’m caucasian) by myself, I felt part of my brain say “uh-oh”.

    I don’t think the game itself is racist at all. Of course I haven’t played it, but just like RE4 wasn’t racist towards Spaniards, this isn’t racist either. I also don’t suspect any subversive or semi-conscious racist undertones. However, I can completely understand and have sympathy with some blacks that are offended by the superficial look of the game.

  • Nick

    This just goes to show how the race thing has been blown out of proportion.
    Excuse me if Im so blunt, but this is just as stupid as society can get.

    If a black person watches the trailer and feels offended, that person should go and cry to his mother for help. I mean WTH???

    By being offended they are segregating themselves and having that sentiment of inferiority come out.

    Boo hoo, Im black and I dont like watching black “people” being killed in a VIDEOGAME. Stop being so full of yourselves. Germans, latin americans, japanese have all at some point depicted as killed before in a game, now it turns out black people are inmune to that just because.

  • Calling this racist is blowing the whole thing out of proportion, completely!
    I am african originally, my whole family is african, and I see no racism here.

    Actually, I’ve not seen much of this kind of setting being portrayed in videogames, african landscapes, human beings and villages are just as fictionally used in this videogame as the church was in Resistance… it is fiction people!

  • PSN ID=LifEndz

    Speaking as an African American, I find nothing offensive about the game. It’s set in Africa and the people in the game are, for the most part, an accurate depiction of the people over there. Some of the articles about the game have been sort of on the line, but I hope this game doesn’t get the “racist” or “offensive to minority” tag because it would probably result in even less diversity in games.