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PlayStation Home Interview with Phil Harrison |

He mentions that all the features in home will not all come out at launch, but will be released over time, week by week, etc. How will PlayStation Home make money? Well advertising and corporate partners, and buying virtual items within home. No prices yet on that. I’m really looking forward to home, but a lot of that depends on the 3rd party developers as well.

  • D.Vader

    Where are your source links?

  • MetalProxy

    Is this coming out on August 16th, or a least the open beta starting? This is going to be a slow month and sony needs to bring out something. That madden game isnt going to hold me over at all.

  • Jason

    Looks like they touched a nerve at the end of that interview. It was a fair question though. I think Phil Harrison should be concerned that EA and 2Ksport games are still looking better on the 360. The interviewer was just echoing the concerns of PS3 owners.

  • What else is he going to say? Obviously it’s up to the developer to make the most of the system. Others have done it, and obviously EA has not.

  • MetalProxy

    Agreed Henning, how is it his (Phil) fault that companys like EA, Ubisoft, 2K etc. cant understand how to program for a system. If I didnt know better I would say they where doing it on purpose, to make the sony look like a lesser system. Oblivion is STILL way better on my PS3 than the 360 by far. Where is the supposed graphic update for the 360?

  • Burten

    Can’t wait for it to open.
    -Will you make a room for, Henning?
    Looking forward to meet you all .. some day .. Any clues when it opens??!?

  • I think the open beta is mid aug, but don’t quote me on that.

    As far as a room, that would be very cool. But I’m not sure what’s involved in setting one up, price, and two you need to know a 3D modeling software, which I don’t.

  • I’d love to make a room for There are a couple things preventing me, however:

    1. I’m not a commercial developer. And therefore do not have the resources to pay the fees necessary to Sony for creating a public room.

    2. I don’t have Maya.

    3. I am not an artist.

    So while it would be cool, I don’t think it’s gonna happen!

  • Burten

    On last TGS they talked about somrthing like everybody gets a “personal room” or appartment free. Its only some of the furiture that you pay for, like the 50 inch Bravida and stuff..

    But why should H. spend xxx $ for a cool room, when we can visit eachother ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • all you guys are invited to my place when I get it … I’ll have music, drinks, hookers… It will be a blast !

  • Jason

    I’m not suggesting it’s Phil’s fault. The question was did it concern him. He says it doesn’t. But I think Phil has realized that they going to have a problem with multiplatform games which is that there really isn’t much incentive for developers to put in extra time to make the PS3 versions better. At least until the PS3 has a bigger market share than 360. This must be frustrating and I think that’s why he got a little passive aggressive at the end there.

  • Burten

    @ YoDaddy :
    I’m there, dude! Just added you to my friendlist.. ๐Ÿ˜‰