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Unreal Tournament 3 Interview – Mods are supported |

Some things that stood out in the interview is that the PS3 will support total conversion mods. Which means anything created on the PC will work with the PS3. But if you want to create content you’ll need to buy the PC version. But if you just want to play the mods you’ll just need a PS3. I would assume most of the mods will be free too.

You’ll be able to host a dedicated server on the PC, Mac or Linux. Also the game will run at 720p. He mentioned that they’ll make a UT3 environment in Home. That sounds very cool, wonder what it will look like. The release date will be simultaneous for Europe and America, they are shooting for November.

It took us a year after Xbox 360 and here we are less than a year after PlayStation 3 and I’d say that today Unreal Tournament 3 runs better on PS3 than Gears did on Xbox 360 at the same point in its development. So, that bodes well for how well the engine will run on PS3 as we’re already ahead of where I thought we’d be in terms of optimizations.

That’s good to hear that it’s coming along nicely. This will be a great LAN party game come this holiday season 🙂

Joystiq interviews Unreal Tournament 3’s Mark Rein

  • There are so many shooters coming out this fall it’s amazing. How will I find the time and money for:

    Army of Two


  • Darrin

    There are too many similar deathmatch/CTF type shooters. I really hope this pulls off something unique.

    I usually don’t care so much about flashy 3D, but wow, do those graphics look exceptionally good!

  • Sporty

    I’m kinda stocked that Keyboard and mouse are supported on the PS3.

    From the sounds of it you can filter out servers if you don’t want to play KB/M players and PC PS3 cross support is likely. With PS3 sixaxis as a filter option so it is still fair. That should make a large server base off the bat.