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Poll: Which Warhawk? |

Warhawk for the PLAYSTATION 3 is being released soon, and it’ll come in two different flavours. The PSN online downloadable version of Warhawk will cost $40. The packaged BD (Blu-ray Disc) version with an included headset will cost $60. Which version will you buy?

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While we’re talking about Warhawk, I just wanted to mention that I think the $40 price is fair. I know there was that one mag who wanted to decrease their score of the game by one point if the PSN download was over $30, but that’s rubbish. The fact is, you’re getting a really good game for your money, and it’s a good value. At least, that’s my opinion, having played the game a lot when it was in BETA. What do you guys think?

[Edit: Oooh right. Tosh wanted me to point out that the Blu-ray version of Warhawk will give you the ability to “ghost” Warhawk onto multiple machines at a LAN party. So you could play Warhawk on multiple PS3’s if they’re all connected together. Cool stuff. Video.]

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Last poll results:

How do you orient your PS3?

* Sideways: 52% (160)
* Upright: 39% (119)
* Don’t have one: 9% (28)

Total Votes : 307

  • I voted for the BD version with the headset. My current BT headset lasts around 4hrs so I have to charge it every day, sometimes even two or three times per day.

    The bundled Jabra headset apparently lasts twice as long as my current headset AND comes with a USB charging cable, which means I can charge it through the PS3 and still continue playing. 😀

  • Yeah. No.

    I have the Jabra BT125 headset, and while the charging cable looks like a mini-USB cable, it’s not.

  • They said on the PLAYSTATION Blog that it is coming with a USB charger. 😕

  • I need a headset so… $60 is good for me

  • I’ve seen that mistake made elsewhere, in reviews of the headset. But who knows, maybe it’s a slightly different version of the BT125 I have…

  • Bob

    where is the “not gonna bother with this game” option?

    Beta wasnt much fun, and has turned me off to this game. Gonna save my money for better games, like Eye of Judgment, Rock Band, GH3, and Stranglehold.

  • MetalProxy

    Its simple Bob dont vote if you dont want the game 🙂

    Me Iam getting the disc. version, for a few simple reasons..LAN, Headset , not waiting for down load, and my dog likes to chase the light reflection that comes off a brand new blu-Ray disc.

  • ShockFly

    My vote counts as IF I buy the game. I would go for the $60 version, not because of the headset but I like to have something that I can touch. To show to my friends: “look, I bought this game!”. And also because of the fact that once your hard disk becomes too small, what to do with your digitally purchased games? Remove some of them? BD is the better option in my opinion, regardless of which game.

  • I’m with ya. I’ll be buying the packaged copy as well. I don’t actually need the headset, but I like purchasing physical media. One reason why I don’t buy my music as downloads. I always buy the CD.

  • Bob

    A lack of a vote, is not a vote. It is ignorance like that, that has our politcal system in shambles.

  • Unlike our country, I don’t pretend that this site is about democracy. It’s a straight-up autocracy. No apologies.

  • Pc

    I’ll be buying the BD version just to have the case, disk, and manual. I love reading the case while driving home. There’s something special about purchasing a new “badass” game and taking it home. I already have a very good bluetooth headset, so now I’ll have two 🙂

  • Bob

    Shenanigans I say! Shenanigans! 🙂

  • nick

    how do you ghost the game disc, i am trying to link 2 ps3s and cant do it. i have a router hooked up but cant figure it out.