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UK PS Store Update 9/8/07 |

Here is what should be on the UK PLAYSTATION Store soon (I haven’t checked yet):

– Gran Turismo – PS Premiere Event Trailer
– Heavenly Sword – Legend of the Sword video
– Heavenly Sword – Making of video
– Ghost Rider – Blu-ray movie trailer
– The Covenant – Blu-ray movie trailer

Wow. I’m so excited. 🙄

Why do 360 owners get a Stranglehold demo yet all we get are trailers! More demos please!! GRAW 2 and Heavenly Sword were great additions for the past couple of weeks, both demos have convinced me to buy both games. Anybody know what’s new for the NA and Japanese Stores?

I recently downloaded the NA version of Blast Factor, including the two newest add-ons and man, it’s a very addictive game and great fun. I managed a score of 300,000 on my first go but I’ll definitely be playing it more in-between Resistance, Oblivion and NGS.

UK PS Store Content for 9/8/07

  • Tony Capone

    This update is a disgrace.
    Videos do not constitute a good update, especially when they are for games that most of us have already been playing the demos for!
    I sometimes think Sony are deliberately trying to annoy their customers.
    I have tried to be patient but this console and service was not worth the money, one more update of this shoddy quality and I will be getting rid of my PS3 and advising all my friends against buying one.

  • Yay ….. another TRAILER THURSDAY!

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