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GT5 gets a release date |

Gran Turismo 5 will be released in July 2008. Wow, that’s quite a wait. But the GT5 Prologue will arrive in Japan by October before the Tokyo engine show, which is Oct. 25, 07.

Remember how there was going to be Gran Tursimo on the PSP? It will have to wait until Gran Turismo 5 is published.

I’ve played every GT game since the 2nd one. But since I played GT4, it honestly gets boring for me after a while. Sure the graphics will be amazing on the PS3 version. But the game gets old. I’m more excited about Burnout than the GT series now. But that’s just me. I know a lot of people love the GT series, I’m not saying it’s bad, just not more me anymore.

GT5 gets July 2008 release date

  • derrickgott007

    To stop from getting bored with any of the Gran Turismo games, you have to make mini-challenges with yourself. Such as the following:

    1.) Shave more time off each lap.
    2.) Hit that apex just right in that troublesome corner.
    3.) See how fast you can get on the straights and still make the corner clean.

    You have to set real world goals in the GT series. Get into the “I am a race car driver” mind set….Not the “I’m a loose nut behind the wheel!” mindset that goes with ARCADE drivers.

    But then again maybe thats just me….I’d take SIM over Arcade anyday.

  • Actually racing cars is a hobby for me. I have a 93 Mazda Rx-7 R1 (twin turbo) that I race sometimes. Most of the time I do autocross, but I have taken it out on a real track. So I do know how to race.

    I can see how a racing SIM could help you with racing, but I’ve lost interest in the series.

  • James

    they need to make it more in depth in terms of performance upgrades, such as brands, etc with more available option like rear end gear, tire width, etc. itd be a dream come true if i could drop in a chevy 572 into a 69 camaro with an 8 71 blower by like weiand intakes with a racing cam by comp cams, aluminum cylinder heads, fuel injection, etc. make those kinds of upgrades for specialty cars, so i can have my 1200hp drag racing camaro :p also the blower would have to come out of the hood with the butterfly flaps. true visual performance upgrades. also a paint thing like forza 2s livery except be able to make a layer flow over the entire car rather than just a side

  • John

    The GTHD online scoring and replays have been a great help to me — not that I’ve ever entered the top spots — it shows that it’s “possible”, and it shows “how”.

    It would be even more interesting if there were different leaderboards for people with a driving wheel and those with a regular sixaxis (which just doesn’t give the same level of control).

  • mcloki

    I believe the online aspect will be the big difference. Especially if they allow racing teams. Imagine a racing team we all could become members of. Each time we race, we add points to the team. It would be a great way to bring about competition and interest.

  • Darrin

    I think GT peaked around GT2-GT3. The series has improved in every way with GT4 and will do so again with GT5 but I think the novelty and mainstream interest in a hard-nosed spec-heavy car simulator is definitely waning.

    Tosh, maybe you are particularly tired of GT because you race in real life?

    I’m definitely excited by Burnout Paradise as well, but GT 5 is my most anticipated racer.