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Can you Kill a PS3? |

The guys over at PS3 Vault put the PS3 through some serious tests.

Each testing environment lasted 108 hours of use ranging from PS3 games to Blu-ray movies.

Environment 1 Typical Family Room
Temperature 73 F

Environment 2 Back of a Freezer Van
Starting at 50F and slowly went to 0F over the next 4 days

Environment 3 Heat Sauna
Starting temperature was 100F and Gradually increased to 120F over the last 24hours.

And the result?

I’ve put the PS3 through some testing myself when [email protected] came out, I ran it straight for 3 full weeks, I did play games from time to time, but I always switched it back to [email protected] after. And it never had a problem! Very impressive.

Check out the link for all the details.
How to kill a PS3 Console – Is it really possible ?

  • Burten

    Some dudes at Nikkei Electronics did some tests on the 360. Temp. on the “graphics LSI heat sink” went up to app. 176 F after 15 min !!

    ( )

    It would be fun to see the same tests on a Ps3..

  • Pc

    The 360 would crap out after 5 minutes of being in 100 degree weather !!

  • Jimmy Stewart

    I know it’s fun to get together and bash other consoles…

    but I wouldn’t really want to play my 360 (or my PS3) in 100 degree weather.

    What would be more impressive is if instead of being able to play something in an enviroment I’m not going to be playing in in the first place… is if they could put out some games to make me want to actually play the system!

  • Darrin

    Wow, that’s encouraging news.

    I’m still nervous about letting my PS3 run [email protected] for 24+ hours unattended when the A/C is off (~85 degrees).

  • Nice to hear. I’d like to see them try this with the Xbox 360. I know I’m stating the obvious but room temperature seems to be too hot for it, which is confusing because it’s so much louder than the PS3. I thought they were loud because of the fans.

  • Pc

    @ Jimmy…..If your referring to the PS3 as not having any good games to play, then let me mention that i have 5 and 2 are exclusive that are not only good, but great. RFOM to start, then Motorstorm…then Oblivion, The Darkness, and R6V.
    I do realize that 3 of those 5 are multiplatform, but Oblivion runs and looks better on the PS3 and R6V came with alot more content than it’s 360 counterpart. WARHAWK COMES OUT IN A FEW WEEKS TOO !! I can’t wait for that one 🙂

  • I’m worried about the enviromental issues of [email protected] I’d much rather some people get cancer than the planet be destroyed.

  • my folding at home stats are getting better I have left it on for a month… and no prolbems !

  • yorkeyade

    XBOX 360 would struggle if i farted while walking past it and I have one my second in fact. Not to mention the noise that comes out of this ****. Nothing worse than watching an HD-DVD spot on picture, great sound and a ******* high pitched whine emanating from the 360.

    **** Halo, it’s a piece of **** and these ***** should sort it out once a for all.

    Please watch the language.

  • Pc

    Good job yorkeyade !!! That’s what i like to hear 🙂

  • Pc