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New Blu-ray movies for the week 8/14/07 |

* Wild Hogs (Disney / Buena Vista)
* The Lookout (Disney / Buena Vista)
* Vacancy (Sony Pictures)
* Doctor Strange (Lionsgate Films)

We’ve got comedy, drama, thriller, and animation this week. What’s your pick?

  • busby

    god why are only terrible films getting a blu ray release at the moment

  • derrickgott007

    Do the movies take up the whole disk? Or can they fit like a whole season of the Sopranos on one Blu-ray disk?

  • I’m not sure how much disc space a average 2 hour movie takes up. That would be a great use for it. I know 24 Season 1 is on blu-ray, but I’m not sure how many eps per disc.

  • busby

    I’ve got The Sopranos seris six part one and that is four disks

  • busby

    I’ve got The Sopranos series six part one and that is four disks but weeds series one is just one disk.

  • Hi,
    Im from Europe, so I was wondering, what region do these movies have? At the moment I’ve only got the free Casino Royale Disc, and I’m not going to buy any of the other few Blu-Rays that have come out in my country, because they are quite expensive.

    So I’m probably going to buy them on the net, which leaves me vulnerable to buying discs that I can’t play because of them being the wrong region.