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ThreeSpeech Reviews Heavenly Sword |

You may not find this surprising but they love it. Maybe I’m being over critical but there is no mention of whether the screen tearing that was present in the demo has been fixed and how steady the framerate is. Is there any slowdown? What about other graphical failings? What about extras? How many difficulty levels are there? Can you unlock extra moves/special costumes/weapons if you complete the game on the harder difficulty levels?

OK, so a lot of that isn’t really that important but I’d like to know more about the game before I spend £40 on it, which I’m probably going to as I enjoyed the demo a lot.

It will be interesting to see what other sites have to say about the finished game. People can have a go at ThreeSpeech for being biased but the same can be said about most gaming sites nowadays, in one form or another.

ThreeSpeech Reviews Heavenly Sword

  • MetalProxy

    Now that I know how to block and counter effectively, Iam enjoying it alot more than NGS. NGS has no real story and is getting boring. The only problem I have is that stupid twitchy shadow that everyone uses. Give it up it looks like crap.

  • derrickgott007

    I am tired of all the Heavenly Sword talk!! There are 100,000 other games that are better that SONY could talk about.