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Call Of Duty 4: New Gameplay & Pics |

Gameplay video was from the Infinity Ward event held in Los Angeles last week.

The detail in the game is amazing! I’m excited to test out all the perks in the game, it adds a lot to the gameplay. Here are 8 new screenshots as well. Click the image to see the rest.

  • derrickgott007

    Definately a must buy in my list now. It better have Mic support. This excuse of “Oh we didnt know the online structure for the PS3 thats why there is no mic support” is not going to cut it.

    If the DOUCHEBOX 360 can have mic chat in game, then so should we. If there is no mic chat, it is the DEVELOPERS FAULT, not SONY’s.

  • MetalProxy

    SICK SICK SICK…man Iam super excited for this game. Its making RSV look pretty silly.

  • Well RSV will keep us entertained until CoD4 at least 😛

  • derrickgott007

    Tosh whats your PSN ID so I can add you?

  • I’m in this list but it’s xBerserker

  • HachiRoku

    Man, this game looks so awesome, but I gotta throw it out there, and hopefully someone has an answer that can be backed up (links?)…

    Everything I’ve ever seen on COD4 looks to be from the Xbox360. How do we know that the PS3 version will look or run as smooth? Or better yet, even have the same level of Online support and features? I’m stoked about this game, but those kind of things worry me. Especially since the COD4 team has setup a beta test on Live and other things that seem to suggest they are focusing primarily on the Xbox version.

    I was really eager to play the GRAW2 demo, cause I’m really into these types of games. I was really disappointed with the Xbox version on 4-player split-screen, cause it was choppy as hell. I’m hoping the PS3 version will be smoother, but after playing the demo, I’m kinda doubtful. Even on single-player, it didn’t have that liquid smooth feel to it. I’m still buying it when it comes out, but I just wish Ubisoft would work a little harder to utilize the extra processing power that’s all.

  • MetalProxy

    Tosh I tried to add you awhile ago. It said your buddy list is maxed out.

  • Wow, lol. I’ve been meaning to delete a few, I’ll do that tonight. Try again tomorrow.