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Heavenly Sword: 10GB of sound FX audio |

It consists of about three and a half hours of music, 4,500 lines of dialogue. They’ll be plenty of cut scenes as well, a hour and a half’s worth in eleven languages! I was really impressed by the cut scenes in the demo alone, very lifelike and fun to watch. Hopefully you’ll be able to watch all the cut scenes alone once you beat the game.

Good thing they have Blu-ray to put all that audio on. I like how they have all the different languages to choose from as well. Easier to release the game worldwide. Hopefully more games take this approach in the future.

Heard About: Heavenly Sword

And here is 5 minutes of gameplay footage

  • MeToo

    Zzz… :Yawn:
    Wake me if it can outdo the graphics of X360. :cough: madden

  • that looks awesome!

    and hello troll 😛

  • Spectator

    [email protected] MeToo.
    You realize that the game’s sound alone out does your X360 considering its 1GB more than the 360’s 9GB disk capacity. You won’t have room for graphics. Troll on friend!

    Back to topic..
    Very nice presentation of a highly anticipated game. I look forward to it. It would be nice if Sony gave us the updated version of the demo they allowed a few game reviewers to play around with recently.

  • Sporty

    Gotta love it when people prove their complete ignorance with lines like that. BTW, in case you haven’t learned yet. frame rate does not equal graphics. And EA’s ability does not equal hardware ability

    A similar story

    Also shows that BD is an advantage. 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 might have to ship with fewer maps since they are taking advantage of the extra space on the PS3 version.

  • Tony Capone

    All those points aside the gameplay looks totally and utterly tedious.
    I honestly could be bothered to slog it out with all those identical looking enemies with moves that differ by a miniscule amount.

  • Chemical

    Watch your source.

    How come it’s only first and second party developers who release all these “only on blue ray” statements. You hear it from Insomniac all the time. Didn’t Mark Rein just say something today about all this fanboyism.

  • Sporty

    Probably should have used the Game industries link.

    I think the main reason you only hear it from first and second parties, is that what’s the point really. Epic, no matter how much the like the extra space, has to target the common media. Most games coming out on PC are still on CDs, even if they span an insane amount of disks.

    If they really wanted to they could release Halo 3 on the PC on floppies. It would just span about nine thousand and take you a month to install. So nothing is mandatory.

    My first post was just linked since it was similar.

  • Guys, don’t waste time trying to explain the obvious to Microsoft’s zombies.

  • Chemical
  • Tony Capone

    surely 10 gig divided by eleven languages is less than 1 gig per language which is not all that impressive unless you want to listen to it in languages you don’t understand