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European PSN Content 8/16/07 |

* Armoured Core 4 Demo (free)
* Heavenly Sword Anime episode 2 (free)
* Heavenly Sword Making-of episode 2 (free)

I’m looking forward to the next Anime episode, but other than that, zzzzzzz.

  • MetalProxy

    Hell Yea Part 2 WOOOT!!

  • Tony Capone

    I cannot believe this unadulterated tripe we are being served up. Armored Core demo was available from Playstation Official Magazine disc at the start of august!
    In addition to that the game is utter crap.
    I object to being force fed pro Heavenly Bored propaganda at every turn. Face it Sony, it’s not that great.
    This console is not worth the money and I am trying desparately to get either the shop I bought it from or Sony themselves to take it back off me and give me a refund.
    I have NEVER been so let down by a purchase of ANYTHING.
    SCEE are a complete joke.

  • Darrin

    Jeez, Tony, calm down.

    It’s a slow week for PSN, but nothing to get upset and go crazy about.

  • Sporty

    LOL, Sorry, But reading Tony’s Post on of official PS blog, Three Speech and here. It’s hard to feel bad for someone that does nothing but complain.
    Ohh Noes, we’re getting stuff every week that I dont like.”

  • Sporty

    BTW US PSN update hit

    NCAA Football 08

    Heavenly Sword Anime No.2
    Heavenly Sword Making Of Pt2

    Folklore A tale of two Strangers

    Movie Trailers:
    Brothers Solomon Red Band
    Lives of Others

    PS3 Wall Paper:
    Blast Factor Advanced Research 1
    Blast Factor Advanced Research 2

    And of course we can access the EU updates as well with a EU account

  • True

    Being both a ‘360 owner and a PS3 owner, I am sick to death of f*cking Sony. Wow! A DiRT demo…of the same game I bought nearly a month ago on the ‘360! And I’m supposed to be thankful?! Big freaking deal!

    I’ll just continue to check out the numerous demos on XboxLive. Like Bioshock, Stranglehold etc…

    I’m sorry, even though I love the PS3…PSN and Sony’s actual support of it customers is a joke.